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Penalties For Driving While Under The Influence In Tennessee

Tennessee, like many other states, has its own set of DUI related laws and penalties. Drivers who are first, second, or third-time offenders, or even more, often have their own bracket of penalties to look at.

For example, the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security states that there are up to four categories of penalties for DUI offenders. First, second, and third-time offenders all have their own brackets. Fourth-time offenders and every subsequent offense also have their own bracket.

When it comes to first time offenders, a person can expect a fine of anywhere from $350 to $1,500. The person will also be required to take a rehabilitation program. Additionally, their license may be revoked for up to a year. Second-time offenders face similar consequences, albeit slightly elevated. For example, the fine bracket raises to $600 to $3,500 instead. Their license may be revoked for 2 years. Third-time offenders can pay up to $10,000, and once a person hits their fourth offense, not only could they be shelling out $15,000, but they will also be facing a felony charge.

Findlaw also shows that there is mandatory jail time for all DUI offenders in Tennessee. The minimum amount of jail time for a first offender is 48 hours, which can be extended to a week depending on their blood alcohol content level. However, this time can last all the way up to 11 months and 29 days, all for a first-time offense.

It's easy to see that driving while under the influence is taken very seriously in Tennessee. Drivers should be aware of this, so if they ever face any accusations and charges, they will know what to expect.