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Does a DUI Conviction Stay On My Criminal Record in Tennessee?

A conviction for a DUI charge stays on your criminal record forever in Tennessee. Unlike other states, Tennessee has no diversion type of probation that allows you expunge the DUI conviction off your criminal record. Tennessee DUI charges that were dismissed, retired, or a not guilty verdict was returned are eligible to be expunged from your record.

Since a Tennessee DUI conviction is a permanent scar to your criminal record, it is very important to pick the best DUI lawyer for your case. You want to explore every option you have available. Should you try to settle your case to a lesser charge? Should you file a motion to suppress the traffic stop or the evidence? Should you take your case to trial? These are just the three most critical decisions in your DUI case.

Before you decide to plead guilty, take time to consult with an experienced DUI lawyer to discuss whether you might be able to avoid a DUI conviction.