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Understanding Tennessee Domestic Violence Laws

At the Law Office of Rob McKinney in Tennessee, we represent clients who have been charged with a crime, including those charged with domestic violence. We know that if you are facing such a charge, this is a very serious matter and you need to understand Tennessee’s domestic violence laws and the penalties you could face should you be convicted of breaking one of them.

As FindLaw explains, Title 39 of the Tennessee Code covers the various types of criminal offenses in Tennessee and Chapter 13 addresses offenses committed against persons, including domestic violence. Physical domestic violence is called domestic assault and penalties for conviction thereof could include jail time, fines, and losing your Second Amendment right to possess a firearm.

Domestic assault defined

Section 39.13.102 of the Tennessee Code defines domestic assault as the intentional or reckless injury to one of the following classifications of persons:

  • A current or former spouse
  • A blood or adoptive relative
  • A current or former relative by marriage
  • A current cohabitant
  • A current dating and/or sexual partner
  • A minor or adult child of any of the above people

Domestic assault also includes putting the person in fear of bodily injury or offensive physical contact. In addition, if you are charged with domestic assault, you also can be charged with any additional relevant crime you allegedly committed against the same person, such as rape, kidnap, false imprisonment or child abuse, neglect, or endangerment.

If someone obtains an order of protection against you and you are found to have a gun while the protection order is in place and/or after you have been convicted of domestic violence, each such offense is a separate Class A misdemeanor that could subject you to arrest and a 12-hour holding period. For more information on this subject, please visit this page on our website.