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What should you tell your children about domestic violence?

Domestic violence can have a wide range of effects on the children who experience it. They may respond with frustration and tears, withdrawal or nervousness. The child's age, the duration of the incident and his or her proximity to it can all impact the reaction. If you are a Tennessee parent caught up in a violent scenario at home, knowing how to talk to your children about what is happening may be helpful.

3 effective defenses to domestic violence charges

Domestic violence is a serious issue. Anyone who is a victim of physical assault should get help and justice. However, this does not take away from the fact that there are false accusations of domestic abuse. If you face wrongful charges of domestic violence, you may feel devastation, confusion and frustration.

Will Tennessee be the next state to legalize medical marijuana?

If you are a Tennessee resident who suffers from an illness that might benefit from cannabis, a/k/a marijuana, treatment, you will be happy to know that a bill has just been introduced in the Tennessee House of Representatives. If passed into law, this bill would legalize medical marijuana in our state.

Drug enforcement and investigative bodies

Tennessee state authorities are often involved in narcotics crimes investigation and, either directly or indirectly, in the trials of those standing accused of drug charges. Understanding the nature of these state organizations and their limitations under the law is often essential to anyone seeking to disprove spurious narcotics accusations. 

Someone spiked my drinks. Good DUI defense?

It is illegal in Tennessee for someone to spike your drink, even if the substance itself is legal. For example, say you are older than 21 and drinking something nonalcoholic. Without your knowledge, a person pours vodka into your drink. Since you are of age, it is legal for you to drink the vodka, but the spiking would still be illegal under the adulteration statute. This is because a spiked drink can alter someone's mental state or otherwise hurt a person.

Criminal Procedure in Sumner County, Tennessee

Every county has different local rules of court that govern the criminal court process and the procedure of how a criminal case should progress. The rules of criminal procedure are set by the state bur every county has their local rules. Sumner County Criminal Court Judge Dee Gay recently reminded attorneys that practice in his court of the local rules. I thought that I would post some of the key rules for lawyers that don't practice there often or those facing crimnal charges in Sumner County.

You blew less than 0.08 percent. Why were you still arrested?

The current legal limit for blood alcohol concentration is 0.08 percent. This is a reduction from the old limit, which was 0.15 percent. The 0.15 percent limit first went into effect in 1938, but in an effort to reduce the number of alcohol-related car accidents, the limit has gone down over the years. Efforts are also underway to reduce it even more. 

Are police fair to people with disabilities during traffic stops?

Many times, police officers go out of their way to be courteous and respectful to people with disabilities during traffic stops. Other times, however, ignorance, nervousness, confusion or simple apathy can cause officers to behave badly and treat people with disabilities unfairly.

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