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Understanding the criminal discovery process

For people facing criminal charges in Tennessee, one of the few good things in their lives is the criminal discovery process. This is the period after their arrest, but before they go to trial, in which the prosecution must turn over a variety of things to their attorney so (s)he has a better chance of mounting a good defense that plants reasonable doubt in jury’s minds so as to result in an acquittal. The defense, too, must turn over a variety of things to the prosecution.

Stalking laws Tennessee residents should understand

Like almost everyone else, you have heard about stalking and may have a basic understanding of this behavior, but you might not realize all that it entails, especially the laws pertaining to stalking in Tennessee. At the Law Office of Rob McKinney, we are ready to answer the questions of those who may be facing stalking charges and unsure what to do next.

3 of the most common crimes in Nashville

Nashville is a beautiful city full of entertainment and excitement. Its moniker Music City is well-deserved, as is its residents' reputation for friendliness. Behind all of Nashville's obvious appeal, however, are some startling statistics about crime. While it is still one of the safer metropolitan areas in the United States, there are violent offenses committed every day.

Your First Court Appearance in Tennessee

If you have been arrested in Tennessee, your first court appearnce will be before a magistrate. In Nashville,TN., all the magistrates are appointed by the General Sessions judges and are lawyers. In many counties, the magistrate is selected by the county commission and are not lawyers. The magistrate must make a finding that probable cause exists to issue an arrest warrant. If probable cause exists, the magistrate will sign the arrest warrant and set a bail bond amount

Understanding theft, robbery and burglary

At the Law Office of Rob McKinney in Tennessee, we find that many of our clients facing property crime charges are confused about the differences between theft, robbery and burglary. If you likewise are unclear about these three related but separate crimes, here is a quick overview.

Cheatham County DUI Alert

While I was handling a DUI case recently in Cheatham County, Tennessee, I discovered some new wrinkles in defending a DUI case. I went down to the Sherrif's office to request a video. First, I must appauld Sherrif Breedlove's progressive thoughts on providing information in a criminal case. Videos are provided at no charge and there are no hoops to jump through unlike many law enforcement agencies in Middle Tennessee, especially the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

What is a felony DUI?

Tennessee residents who are accused of DUI-related crimes could potentially have their charges fall under two categories. Some DUI charges will be categorized as misdemeanors, which are slightly more forgiving. Others, however, will be categorized as felonies.

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