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Why Should I Hire A Lawyer Before I Am Charged With A Crime ?

Sometimes criminal investigations start before one is arrested. It may begin with a knock on the door. The police use the knock and talk technique as a way to get you to confess or search your house. Other investigations begin with "I want to get your side of the story" which leads into you giving a statement. Our office is often contacted at the beginning of a criminal investigation. There are many excellent reasons you should get a lawyer early.

Can you revoke a plea bargain?

Should the prosecutor in your Tennessee federal white-collar crime case offer you a favorable plea bargain, it may be in your best interests to accept it. Why? Because as Forbes recently reported, nearly 90 percent of federal defendants do, in fact, opt for a plea agreement instead of going to trial.

What to expect in drug trials

An accusation involving drugs in Tennessee could carry with it some serious consequences. There are many different types of offenses, and the penalties for nearly all of them are among the strictest available to the courts. 

The problem with drug-free zones in Tennessee

Most people agree that children should not use or get exposed to drugs. It seems appropriate, then, that Tennessee has enacted laws creating drug-free zones around areas where children are present, including schools, parks and day care centers. Committing any drug crime in these zones carries higher penalties.

Sumner County TN. Domestic Violence Alert

Domestic violence cases in Sumner County TN. are being handled a little differently in 2019. Once one is arrested for any type of domestic violence charge the cases are being set as soon as possible.Here is one example. A case that happened last week is being set on this week. The Tennessee Rules of Criminal Procedure provides that cases shall be set within 10 days if a person cannot make a bail bond or within 30 days if a person makes bond.

What are the reasons someone might file false domestic charges?

There is no arguing that domestic violence is a problem in Tennessee, as well as the rest of the country. Adults and children are harmed every day by abusive partners. However, not everyone who is accused of being a batterer is one. Many innocent people are accused of domestic violence, despite never laying a hand on their spouse or children.

Consequences of multiple DUIs under Tennessee law

Every state has its own laws regarding how to handle those who drive while intoxicated, and the laws determine the consequences for both first-time offenders as well as multiple offenders. Tennessee drivers should know how their state laws govern DUIs and the increasing penalties that result for multiple offenses.

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