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April 2019 Archives

Neighborhood disputes can become deadly

A character in a Robert Frost poem felt that good fences make good neighbors. Perhaps it is true, unless the fence is encroaching upon the other neighbor's property line. In this case, the fence may cause good neighbors to become aggressive enemies.

Domestic violence charges and your career

Those who are facing domestic violence charges may be worried about many consequences they are facing, such as time behind bars and issues related to child custody. However, there are other potential areas of concern to be aware of if you have found yourself in this position. For example, you may need to think about the potential impact that these allegations may have on your career. Not only could you lose your job as a result of this situation, but you may have an extremely hard time finding work in a particular field in the years to come.

Prosecution of nurse prompts discussion of medicine safety

After an elderly patient died while under medical care in Tennessee, the district attorney decided to charge the nurse who was caring for the patients at the time of their death. The charges have many discussing whether prosecuting the nurse is the best way to improve medical protocols and make medicine safer.

What is the Discovery for Justice Reform Act?

The Blindfold Law blocked criminal defendants from accessing information that may prevent them from blindly accepting plea bargains or sending them to trial without knowing the evidence that is being brought against them. This included defending attorneys, who were not allowed access to key evidence against their clients, including investigative reports and eyewitness testimonies. In some cases, innocent people were prompted to take plea deals even before they knew what evidence was being used to convict them of the crime. Had the evidence been brought beforehand, it may prove that there was insufficient data linking the suspect to the crime. At this point, however, the defendant already accepted a plea deal.

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