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Getting a new job after a conviction

For people in Tennessee who have been convicted of a crime and maybe even have spent time in jail or prison, the path to a better future can feel very uncertain. Earning a living is an essential part of rebuilding a person's life but a criminal record may be considered a black mark that some employers cannot overlook. However, that should not deter people from finding their dream job. 

Taking a look at Tennessee domestic violence statistics

Here at the Law Office of Rob McKinney, we know that domestic violence remains a huge problem in Tennessee and across the nation. We also know, however, that a false accusation of domestic violence can turn your life upside down. That is why one of the major legal services we offer is that of defending against questionable and outright false domestic violence accusations.

How false confessions happen

Recent advancements in DNA evidence have helped hundreds of falsely accused inmates take back their freedom. Estimates reveal that, collectively, these individuals lost almost 1,500 years of their lives in 2017 alone. Why is it that so many innocent people go to prison?  

How accurate are Breathalyzer machines?

If Tennessee law enforcement officials pull you over for a suspected DUI, they likely will make you take a Breathalyzer test to determine your blood alcohol concentration. But are the results of these tests really all that accurate? reports that most of them have up to a 15% margin of error. This translates into up to 23% of accused driving under the influence defendants having been the victim of an inaccurate Breathalyzer.

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