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Many problems with child witnesses are likely here to stay

As some cases have shown, there can be many problems with witness testimonies. Often, these issues start with investigators. For example, officers may have administered an unfair photo identification or lineup, or asked a witness leading questions. Sometimes, other things cause problems, such as dim lighting or a cross-racial identification, to name two scenarios. Once in a while, a witness outright lies.

Can a Judge Order You to Disclose Your Password ?

Criminal investigations have turned to cell phone searches as an major investigative tool. Cell phones may contain damaging evidence. People use cell phones to take pictures, videos, send emails and text messages. It can provide a treasure trove of evidence to the police.

Should Nashville Put Body Cameras on Police Officers?

Last week, Davidson County DA Glenn Funk announced his decision to not prosecute Officer Joshua Lippert for the shooting death of Jocques Clemmons. That death in an East Nashville public housing complex in February 2017 once again put the spotlight on alleged bias against African-Americans on the part of the Nashville Police Department.

What is an Obstruction of Justice Charge ?

While listening to NPR coming back from General Sessions Court in Murfreesboro,  the talk wasw hether the President should be charged with an obstruction of justice charge. Under 18 U.S.C. section 1503, the government must prove three elements to obtain a conviction on an obstruction of justice charge.

How The Police Generate False Confessions

Why do people confess to crimes they haven't committed? Let's set aside those who confess because they are intoxicated, have mental health issues, or just want attention. A significant number of wrongful convictions happen because police manipulate people into confessing, even when the evidence is inconclusive or just isn't there.

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