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Can a drug conviction lead to a loss of financial aid?

If one of your children attends college in Nashville or another part of Tennessee, he or she may, like many college students, go to a few wild parties or engage in a little experimentation now and then. When that experimentation involves drugs, however, it can lead to some serious collateral consequences, one of which might be a loss of financial aid.

What is constructive possession?

Being charged with drug possession in Tennessee is no laughing matter. Depending on the quantity of drugs the prosecutor alleges you possessed, you could face stiff penalties if convicted. To convict you, however, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the drugs were yours. If officers found them in your pocket, that is pretty straightforward. But what if they found them in the unlocked console of your car and the car was occupied not only by you, but also by three passengers? Now it is not so straightforward. Whose drugs were they?

Will Tennessee be the next state to legalize medical marijuana?

If you are a Tennessee resident who suffers from an illness that might benefit from cannabis, a/k/a marijuana, treatment, you will be happy to know that a bill has just been introduced in the Tennessee House of Representatives. If passed into law, this bill would legalize medical marijuana in our state.

Drug enforcement and investigative bodies

Tennessee state authorities are often involved in narcotics crimes investigation and, either directly or indirectly, in the trials of those standing accused of drug charges. Understanding the nature of these state organizations and their limitations under the law is often essential to anyone seeking to disprove spurious narcotics accusations. 

2 defense strategies for fighting a prescription drug charge

Law enforcement everywhere is cracking down on the abuse of prescription medications. If you find yourself facing an illegal prescription drug charge in Nashville, you might be wondering what you can do to avoid a conviction. Drug charges are very serious and can derail your life in ways you cannot imagine. A conviction can result in jail time, a fine, a criminal record and other penalties. It is important for you to act swiftly to improve the chances of a favorable outcome. 

Can My Car Be Searched If It Smells like Weed ?

Want to avoid a drug charge ? Driving around the State of Tennessee with your car smelling of weed is an open invitation of having your car searched.The U.S.Supreme Court has held there is an automobile exception to the requiremnt to have a search warrant. Here is the bright line rule, if police have probable cause to search a vehicle or a container within the vehicle, a warrantless search may be made of the vehicle and containers contained therein likely to conceal the object of the search.

An overview of Tennessee marijuana laws

As opinions about marijuana are changing across the country, so are laws. Several states have legalized some form of medical or recreational use of cannabis, but where does Tennessee stand? You may be wondering what the state laws say and what the future holds for marijuana laws in Tennessee

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