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Allegations of sexual assault filed after woman attacked

No one deserves to be physically or sexually assaulted. However, when someone is accused of doing so, they deserve the right to be presumed innocent until and unless proved guilty in a Tennessee court of law. Anyone facing allegations of sexual assault and/or battery should enlist the assistance of a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to ensure that his or her rights are protected.

If you are facing sexual assault charges, contact an attorney now

Being accused of a crime can be frightening for any Tennessee resident. The penalties associated with many crimes such as sexual assault can be severe and alter your life forever. If you are facing sexual assault charges, contact an attorney right away.

Not all sexual assault allegations are true

Instances of inappropriate behavior on college and university campuses have been making news lately. Many schools are having to answer for an atmosphere that supposedly fails to protect their students from sexual assault. A recent claim, however, brings to light another side to the story that advocates fail to talk to about -- false claims.

Investigation leads to arrest of politician for sexual assault

With this being a presidential election year, politicians are in the news nearly every day. One county commissioner here in Tennessee is even making news, but not because he is up for re-election. He did so because he was arrested for sexual assault and other charges stemming from a joint investigation involving the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Plea bargain reached in child sexual abuse case

A former teacher here in Tennessee started an after-school program for young boys who did not have a father figure in their lives. The program took place off school grounds. One of the participants in that program accused him of child sexual abuse. The man was charged with several sex crimes, and he recently entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors. 

Man faces allegations of sexual assault of girlfriend's daughter

It can be a challenge for couples, whether married or unmarried, to meld their lives together when one of the parties has a child. In some cases, allegations of sexual assault are made at some point during the relationship. These accusations can have devastating effects on the lives of everyone involved regardless of whether they are true. However, the damage done to the life of the Tennessee resident who faces charges as a result of the allegations might be irreparable.

Failure to report child sexual abuse charges filed against coach

Even though high schools and universities have policies against hazing, it still occurs in some schools. In one case that occurred in December, members of a sports team allegedly raped four Tennessee high school basketball players with a pool cue in a hazing incident. Prosecutors claim that the team's coach knew about the rapes, but he failed to report them. Recently, a grand jury indicted the man on four counts of failure to report child sexual abuse.

Student faces sexual assault charges after campus incident

Hollywood has used college housing as the setting for a variety of movies involving partying, sexual promiscuity and other frivolity. However, the truth is that most students, including those at Tennessee's universities and colleges, are just trying to get an education, have a modest amount of fun and do it safely. Statistics indicate that one out of every four of women could become the victim of sexual assault at some point during their college careers, and 80 percent of them will know their attackers -- at least in passing.

Tennessee pastor charged with child sexual abuse

Special agents have conducted an investigation into activities centered on a pastor. The pastor of a Tennessee church now faces a number of charges related to activities with minors. The child sexual abuse charges filed against the man involve two minors under the age of 13.

Investigation leads to sexual battery charges in Tennessee

A Tennessee man was recently charged with several crimes after an alleged incident in a teen girl's bedroom. An investigation resulted in charges of sexual battery and aggravated burglary against the 25-year-old. It all unfolded in Memphis as the girl was apparently asleep in bed in the middle of the night.


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