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Understanding Tennessee's theft laws

Theft is a term that can widely describe various crimes of stealing property without permission. Because the word theft has a broad legal meaning that encompasses various degrees of offenses, it is important to know the exact definitions and punishments for each type of theft in Tennessee.

4 types of credit card fraud

Credit card fraud is a term that broadly refers to various types of theft and fraudulent behavior relating to credit cards. Generally, this type of crime involves compromising or stealing credit card information. However, credit card fraud comes in a variety of shapes and forms. 

Defending Tennessee Shoplifting Cases

Shoplifting charges are simply theft charges. However, they are different. Shoplifting is taking merchandise from the store owner. The state does not have to prove they exercised control over the merchandise.Because it is a store, some issues are a little less clearcut. Here is on example. The theft prevention peples allege you took the property past the point of sale. Taking property past the last point of sale is not an element of the crime. Here are some facts to consider in defending shoplifting cases.

Charged With Shoplifting in Williamson County, Tennessee?

Being charged with theft also referred to as  shoplifting in Williamson County, Tennessee is not to be taken lightly. Both the Franklin,Tennesee Police Department and the Brentwood, Tennessee Police Department prosecute these cases very seriously. Back when I started practicing there was a rumor everyone got 48 hours in jail to help the Cool Springs mall.

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