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Someone spiked my drinks. Good DUI defense?

It is illegal in Tennessee for someone to spike your drink, even if the substance itself is legal. For example, say you are older than 21 and drinking something nonalcoholic. Without your knowledge, a person pours vodka into your drink. Since you are of age, it is legal for you to drink the vodka, but the spiking would still be illegal under the adulteration statute. This is because a spiked drink can alter someone's mental state or otherwise hurt a person.

You blew less than 0.08 percent. Why were you still arrested?

The current legal limit for blood alcohol concentration is 0.08 percent. This is a reduction from the old limit, which was 0.15 percent. The 0.15 percent limit first went into effect in 1938, but in an effort to reduce the number of alcohol-related car accidents, the limit has gone down over the years. Efforts are also underway to reduce it even more. 

Signs of excessive alcohol consumption

The reason state government takes driving under the influence (DUI) so seriously is because alcohol consumption can dangerously impair the motor skills of Tennessee drivers. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that almost a third of all traffic-related deaths involved alcohol consumption. Certain health signs can manifest after consuming alcohol, all of which should alert a person not to get behind the wheel.  

Can a breathalyzer give a false positive?

If you get stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, you will likely be given a breathalyzer test by the officer. This is one test that Tennessee law allows to help the officer determine if you are under the influence of alcohol. It is done through a machine that measures your blood alcohol content.

What are the conditions for receiving a restricted license?

While convictions resulting from a Tennessee DUI may result in a suspension of a driver's license or overall loss of driving privileges, there are options for individuals to recover limited driving privileges immediately following a conviction. Tennessee law allows a court to grant a restricted license, provided certain conditions are met.

Drinking puts college students at risk for DUI and other charges

The first few months of your freshman year of college are out of the way and you are feeling established in your new life. You might be feeling optimistic about your future and happy with your new friends and social life, as well as a little overwhelmed about your classes and studying. For you and many other Tennessee students, drinking in college can be a good way to socialize, let off steam and cope with a heavy workload. For this reason, you need to understand the risks you might face if you drink too much or make a mistake while intoxicated.

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