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Man faces multiple offense charges after DUI arrest

Whenever an accident that leads to criminal charges, those charges may be upgraded or altered depending on certain circumstances. One example that may result in one or multiple offense charges being upgraded is if a victim of an accident dies. One recent Tennessee accident has made news as a man hit a buggy, resulting injuries to a girl. Since the girl has succumbed to her injuries, one or more of the multiple offenses may now be upgraded.

Woman arrested in Tennessee after multiple prior convictions

The penalties for DUI increase based on the finding of any prior convictions. While having one or two prior convictions for DUI may lead to higher fines and a longer period without a driver's license in Tennessee, one woman has made news primarily for the sheer number of prior drunk driving charges on her record. She has been arrested a total of 17 times for drunk driving offenses.

Prior convictions can impact any DUI case in Tennessee

A DUI case can be confusing and troubling, as being accused can affect many aspects of your life, including your career, finances and even your freedom. Tennessee takes DUI cases seriously and any prior convictions for DUI can have a tremendous impact on the possible sentence if a case is pursued. Knowing the consequences and the ways in which prior convictions may affect a case is as important as knowing what kind of defense may be possible if you face DUI charges.

When is driving while intoxicated in Tennessee a felony DUI?

Anytime someone is found to have a blood alcohol content over the legal limit, they may face a misdemeanor DUI charge. However, there are times when certain circumstances can lead to a DUI charge being upgraded to a felony DUI in Tennessee. It is important to understand what a felony DUI charge may mean for your record and how it compares to a misdemeanor DUI charge.

Sleep aid effects on the morning after focus of federal study

Authorities face a lot of pressure to crack down on drivers operating vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The rules of evidence are clear and put the onus on officials to prove the various elements of their cases in order to win convictions.

Solid felony DUI defense demands check of all the facts

When a person is facing felony charges of driving under the influence in Tennessee, it is not a situation that should be faced without the help of an attorney. The possible consequences if a conviction is obtained are simply too great for the allegation to go undefended.

Tennessee teen's future in peril: Faces charges in 2 states

In some respects one might consider that the least of the worries for a 17-year-old Knoxville teen are the allegations of driving under the influence he is facing. Granted, the accusations are being leveled by authorities in both Tennessee and Kentucky, but it is the range of charges he is facing in both states that raises serious concerns about his future.


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