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Allegations of sexual misconduct made against Tennessee pastor

Back at the end of June, the Tennessee Department of Children's Services informed the Sheriff's Office in one county that it was investigating an assistant pastor in a neighboring county. The agency claimed that the individual's influence in his county made it unrealistic to conduct an investigation regarding allegations of sexual misconduct made against him. On Oct. 17, he was indicted for sexually abusing and raping two young girls.

Aspects of sex crimes involving child pornography

Tennessee law regarding child pornography mirrors those set forth in federal law. Sex crimes involving these offenses fall into three broad categories -- sexual exploitation of a minor, aggravated exploitation of a minor and especially aggravated exploitation of a minor. Each category covers a different aspect of child pornography.

Judge modifies sentence after criminal trial in Tennessee

In certain circumstances, a person convicted of a crime in Tennessee may request that his or her criminal record be expunged. The possibility was recently granted to a former school teacher when the judge who had presided at her criminal trial reconvened to announce he wanted to modify her sentence. A prosecuting attorney later stated that he personally objected to the judge's decision to modify.

Facing aggressive prosecution, man enters guilty plea

Sometimes the evidence against a Tennessee resident accused of sex crimes is so overwhelming that the risk of going to trial is too great. When that individual is facing aggressive prosecution for a crime under these circumstances, it might be beneficial to work with prosecutors in order to come to an alternative resolution. In these cases, entering a guilty plea could help control the penalties he or she is likely to face.

You deserve representation if you are accused of a computer crime

As the computer industry continues to evolve, so does the law regarding the use of electronic mediums such as the internet, email and social media. If you are accused of a computer crime by the state of Tennessee or the federal government, you deserve representation. The criminal defense counsel that you select needs to not only understand the law, but computers as well.

Sex crimes carry heavy consequences in Tennessee

The stigma that often accompanies a criminal charge can be overwhelming, especially if the allegations involve sexual misconduct. Sex crimes accusations may make the news, and an arrest can adversely affect a reputation long before a case goes to court. Because of what is at stake for those arrested in Tennessee, anyone charged can benefit from comprehensive and experienced legal support.

Understanding sex crimes investigations and consequences

Being accused of any crime and/or suffering the effects of a criminal investigation can take a toll on all aspects of a person's life. However, when an investigation involves sex crimes, it is typically helpful to gain an understanding of what may occur and how a case may unfold if charges are filed in Tennessee. An important consideration involves the penalties that could be imposed should a conviction be obtained by prosecutors.

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