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Pedestrians ,Crosswalks, and Nashville Traffic

Drive in downtown Nashville anytime of the night or day you will likely see a near miss of a pedestrian being hit by a car. One reason is that, with the exception of Lower Broad, people frequently fail to use the crosswalks. Secondly, people are using their phones when crossing the street. Pedestrians who are using their phones cross the street at a slower pace. This behavior may increase their risk of being hit by a car or maybe even a scooter. A recent study found that pedestrians using their cell phones take smaller steps and walk more erratically. According to the paper's author, Tare Sayed,"[t]he longer you are in a crosswalk, the longer you are exposed to potential conflicts and collisions."

What you need to know about vehicular assault

Leaving the bar, you may not have felt that the drinks you had impaired your ability to drive. However, after the accident, you're not so certain. But you do know that whether you were drunk or sober, there was nothing you could have done that would have changed the outcome.

Pedestrian Deaths in Nashville

Nashville ranks as the 37th most dangerous city for pedestrian deaths in the country. Sometimes pedestrian deaths lead to vehicular homicide charges.According to a report by the Tennessean, 209 pedestrians were struck and killed in Nashville in a ten year period ending in 2014. I thought the number was much higher. My office is downtown near the A.A.Birch Building. I drive downtown every work day. I constantly see pedestrians fail to use the cross walk, wearing earbuds, darting across the roads in traffic. There are near misses everyday.

Vehicular assault charges in Tennessee require aggressive help

While any kind of accident may lead to serious consequences, an accident that results in criminal charges can necessitate experienced and dedicated legal help. If an accident in Tennessee results in charges of vehicular assault and involves alcohol, jail time may be a distinct possibility.  Nevertheless, just because a serious accident does involve alcohol does not automatically mean the individual involved should face vehicular assault charges.

Tennessee woman faces charges including vehicular assault

The sounds of an accident drew the attention of residents in a Tennessee neighborhood. They prompted a call to authorities for assistance. As a result, a woman is now facing charges of a second DUI offense and also vehicular assault.

Tennessee car accident leads to vehicular assault charge

Whenever there is a car accident of any kind and police believe alcohol may have played a role in the incident, there may be charges filed in addition to a drunk driving charge. A recent accident in Tennessee led to drunk driving charges against a female driver. It has also led to additional charges, including vehicular assault, due to the fact that a firefighter was injured at the scene of the accident.

Charges upgraded to vehicular homicide for Tennessee man

Whenever there is a car accident of any kind, police may find they have cause to pursue criminal charges against a driver. If they do press charges against a driver, there may also be cause to upgrade those criminal charges at a later time if they feel it is appropriate to do so. Recently in Tennessee, a man facing charges after a car accident had them upgraded, and he now faces an accusation of vehicular homicide.

DUI charges follow collision with Donelson Waffle House

Just to illustrate, let's say you've been accused of not only driving while under the influence; you've also been accused of causing injury to another person. In that case, you're probably facing a charge of vehicular assault. In Tennessee, for you to be convicted of DUI assault, a prosecutor will have to prove that alcohol -- and your being intoxicated by it -- was the proximate cause of the other person's injury.

Harrell vehicular homicide case advancing at slow, steady pace

It might seem rather paradoxical that criminal matters, which can be so fraught with high emotion, often work their way through the Tennessee justice system in such a slow and steady way. But there is good reason for such an approach.

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