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Man arrested for drunk driving charges in Tennessee

Whenever there is an accident, the police may respond to investigate what occurred and may sometimes be surprised by what they find. When the accident happens on police grounds or involves a structure related to the police station, the police will likely conduct an investigation. That could result in an arrest if criminal behavior is suspected. Recently in Nashville, Tennessee, a man was arrested after hitting a gate at a police station. He now faces drunk driving charges as result.

Tennessee woman faces DUI charges and other charges

Whenever police pull someone over a for traffic offense, they may find they have cause to pursue other charges. If they believe a driver is impaired, the police could ask for the person to submit to a field sobriety test and/or a chemical test for impairment. Recently, a Tennessee woman was pulled over for not make a proper turn and ended up with DUI charges and other charges also.

After hitting pedestrian, driver faces drunk driving charges

Losing control of a car at any time can lead to an accident and that can lead to injuries to others. If police need to respond to a car accident, they may investigate to see if any criminal charges or traffic citations are warranted, such as charges related to driver impairment. In Tennessee, a woman was arrested and faces drunk driving charges after hitting a pedestrian and also a light pole.

Repeat offender facing DUI charges in Tennessee

Any kind of legal situation involving the police can be worrisome and result in criminal charges. Whenever someone is arrested as a repeat offender for a certain offense, the possible penalties they could face can be more severe compared to a person who may be an alleged first time offender. A Tennessee man recently found himself facing DUI charges, and the authorities claim he is a repeat offender, which could increase the need for sound legal advice and guidance.

Crash leads to drunk driving charges for Tennessee songstress

Anytime there is a car accident of any kind and police are called, police may evaluate drivers to see if impairment or some other form of negligence may have been the cause of the crash. This was the case after a recent Tennessee car accident. Police ended up filing drunk driving charges against a country music Grammy winner named Lynn Anderson after an accident.

Woman faces DUI charges after Tennessee crash

When police respond to a car accident, they may investigate the scene and possibly charge one or more parties with a crime. After a recent car accident in Tennessee, police found cause to charge one of the car accident participants. The woman was charged with a myriad of charges, including DUI charges.

Driver facing drunk driving charges again Tennessee

Whenever police pull over someone for suspected drunk driving, there is typically a procedure for testing for alcohol and for deciding whether an arrest and charges are in order. There may be breath tests given, field sobriety tests and blood alcohol tests too. If a driver is found to already have drunk driving charges on his or her record, there may be harsh penalties possible with a subsequent DUI related conviction. A Tennessee man has found himself under arrest and facing drunk driving charges for an alleged fourth time.

Woman facing DUI charges after Tennessee car accident

Whenever there is a collision between two vehicles on the road, the police and rescue crews may need to respond and render assistance. The police may also find it necessary to arrest and charge one or more parties involved in the accident if the evidence suggests a crime was committed. After a recent car accident in Tennessee, one of the drivers is now facing DUI charges.

Prominent businessman loses life in alleged DUI hit and run

The penalties in Tennessee for being found guilty of driving while under the influence are very clear. When someone is convicted, the factors that go into determining the penalties include how many prior convictions someone has had, what their blood alcohol level was at the time, and whether there were any injuries or deaths that resulted. In attempting to secure a conviction, it is up to law enforcement to find clear-cut evidence of guilt just as it is up to criminal defense professionals to question or disprove the evidence. A 44-year-old Tennessee man is now dealing with these issues as police and legal counsel attempt to sort out multiple alleged drunk driving incidents believed to have been caused by the same person.

Tennessee man charged with second offense DUI

A single drunk driving conviction can have a major negative impact on a person's life. In addition to fines and jail time, some people lose their jobs and experience family troubles after being convicted of DUI. In Tennessee, the penalties only become more severe after a second or subsequent DUI conviction.


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