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What does “fruit of the poisonous tree” mean?

If you face criminal charges in Tennessee, you may hear people talking about the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine, but wonder if it has anything to do with your case. It may or may not depending on the evidence against you and how law enforcement officials obtained that evidence.

Understanding what could happen to you after a swatting prank

During a recent get together with friends, things got a little heated. After the confrontation, one of your buddies suggests you get back at the offending person by playing a popular prank called "swatting" on him. The plan is to call police with the story that the other player was holding a person at gunpoint and to give them his address, knowing that armed law enforcement would show up at the person's house and scare him half to death. It sounds like a funny, harmless prank, right?

How to stay safe when a police officer stops you

Flashing blue lights in the rearview mirror send everyone's pulses racing. Eyes turn to the speedometer and minds spin with a thousand questions about why the officer has decided to make the stop. The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department has published a brochure to help Tennessee drivers know what to expect if they find themselves in that dreaded position on the shoulder of the road with flashing lights and sirens behind them. 

What are the differences between assault and battery?

If you are a Tennessee resident charged with assault and battery, you may think that these two words mean the same thing. As FindLaw explains, however, while they are similar, and an assault often leads to a battery, they are separate and distinct crimes

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