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Nashville DUI/DWI Law Blog

Man flips car in Tennessee, faces DUI charges

An early morning car accident has led to charges for one man. The man wrecked the car on a Tennessee roadway and now faces DUI charges. The car accident and arrest happened on a Sunday morning.

According to reports, the man was driving and crossed the center line of the road at some point. This caused the car to roll into a ditch on the side of the road. The man was trapped in the car for a while, although it is unclear for how long or if he was injured or not.

Man faces drunk driving charges after chase in Tennessee

A strange turnabout of events after a police call led to several police pursuits and damage to three county vehicles. The man at the center of the chaos now faces a long list of criminal charges, including drunk driving charges. One Tennessee investigator was injured in the incident.

It all started when someone called to report a man who was allegedly passed out in his vehicle in a Sonic parking lot. The man then left the Sonic, and police went after him until he eventually stopped. However, he drove off again after officers got his identification. Police pursued him again until he crashed, and he taken into custody. He then escaped from the back seat of the police car, got in the front seat and took off in the cruiser.

Man faces vehicular homicide charges after Tennessee accident

One man is facing a list of serious criminal charges after an accident. The accident occurred as one vehicle hit a motorcycle while turning, taking the life of the 21-year-old motorcyclist. The deadly crash on the Tennessee roadway resulted in vehicular homicide charges for the vehicle driver.

The 38-year-old behind the wheel of the vehicle was headed north when he made a left-hand turn. This led to the collision with the motorcycle. Then, the 38-year-old driver left the scene. At some point, police found the driver, but no details as to where they found him were given.

Man in Tennessee destroys park and faces DUI charges

An accident in the middle of the night left a town park ruined and also led to charges for the man behind the wheel. The man involved faces DUI charges. The damages to the Tennessee public square is estimated to cost thousands of dollars to repair.

It was around 3 a.m. on a Sunday when a 32-year-old man says he approached the town square area too quickly and his brakes failed. He went right into the park area and destroyed a fence and knocked down lamp posts in the park. After the accident, the man and a passenger tried to walk away from the crash scene but were spotted and questioned by police.

Coach in Tennessee facing DUI charges

Getting arrested on the way to a game was probably not the way one high school coach had hoped to make the local news. The baseball coach at a Tennessee high school is facing DUI charges after being pulled over while driving to a school ballgame that he was scheduled to coach. He is also facing what was reported to be an unspecified drug charge.

It's not clear why the coach was initially targeted by police or what alleged behavior warranted police action. There is also no word as to whether field sobriety or breath tests were administered. The specific circumstances regarding the drug charge were not reported either. 

Investigation leads to sexual battery charges in Tennessee

A Tennessee man was recently charged with several crimes after an alleged incident in a teen girl's bedroom. An investigation resulted in charges of sexual battery and aggravated burglary against the 25-year-old. It all unfolded in Memphis as the girl was apparently asleep in bed in the middle of the night.

According to reports, the 15-year-old was asleep when the man allegedly reached in through a window. He attempted to pull off the underwear of the sleeping teenage girl. She then jumped out of bed and began screaming for help. Police were called to the house shortly thereafter.

There may be more to field sobriety tests than meets the eye

Being asked to perform a field sobriety test can be an intimidating and nerve-wracking experience regardless of whether a person is intoxicated or not. One reason field sobriety tests can evoke fear or trepidation in a driver is because the tests can lead to drunk driving charges in Tennessee. These charges can come about if an officer decides a motorist has failed the test. However, a motorist could fail the test for reasons that have nothing to do with intoxication.

One's physical condition can play a significant role in the outcome of a field sobriety test. For example, if a person has bad knees or ankle problems, any part of the test requiring balance or walking straight may be challenging. Weight can be an issue also. Another physical factor is attributed to age. It may simply be too difficult for an elderly person to perform tasks on demand.

Tennessee man wrecks and faces drunk driving charges

An accident left some in the dark as it caused a power outage early on a Wednesday morning. The man behind the wheel at the time also fled the scene after crashing into a utility pole. The Tennessee driver now faces drunk driving charges.

The driver apparently hit a power pole and a fire hydrant before he fled the scene. He also plowed into a yard. The impact of hitting the pole ripped the utility lines from the house.

Tennessee teacher charged with driving under the influence

The recent arrest of a teacher has led to his suspension in addition to the possibility of criminal consequences. The teacher in Tennessee was arrested on several charges, one of which was driving under the influence. The incident that led to his arrest occurred on a Friday when a passerby called police about an unusual situation.

The passerby called police when the man was seen passed out behind the wheel of his car. The man turned out to be a 34-year-old middle school teacher. According to police, the man could not be woken up.

Tennessee town official allegedly failed field sobriety tests

A failed sobriety test can lead to an arrest for DUI. One Tennessee town official was recently arrested after she allegedly failed field sobriety tests. The woman also had two juveniles in the vehicle with her at the time of the arrest. One of those juveniles was her own son, and the other was a friend of that son.

The incident unfolded as the 54-year-old Mt. Pleasant city manager was reportedly swerving in and out of her lane of traffic. She was pulled over by police and given field sobriety tests. The officer reported she failed the tests and was subsequently arrested.