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An App To Protect Your Rights - Before And After A DUI Arrest

You've been stopped by the police and taken to the station because they think you are over the limit. They want you to take a breath test, but taking the test could get you arrested for DUI. If you refuse to submit to testing, your driver's license will be suspended. What should you do?

People who have been stopped for suspicion of impaired driving have the right to legal counsel, so the police must allow you to talk with an attorney. But when you're standing at the side of the road or in a police station, you may be anxious, confused, and not in the best frame of mind to make important decisions.

That's why the Law Office of Rob McKinney created this helpful iPhone and Android app. It can connect you immediately to an attorney who can provide the advice you need. The app also provides several other functions that can help you protect your rights and reduce the possibility of a DUI arrest.

What Happens To Insurance Rates After A Teen DUI?

After a teenager gets a DUI, the loss of the teen's driver's license and possible criminal penalties are not the only concerns for the teen - or the teen's parents. Insurance premiums will increase significantly, whether the teen is covered on a family policy or has coverage on a separate policy. If the teen is covered on a family policy, some insurance companies will even drop coverage entirely.

Auto Insurance Center, an insurance industry-sponsored website, has published an informative article about what happens to insurance rates after a teen DUI. These are some the key takeaways from the article:

What Happens If I Catch A Charge While On Probation ?

Probation violations occur everyday in Tennessee. Once someone goes on probation in Tennessee, they agree to follow the rules of probation. The rules of probation set out in writing what you are supposed to do while you are on probation. One of the main rules is not to get arrested on a new charge while on probation or catch a new charge.

When Are You Too Stoned to Drive in Tennessee ?

Under Tennessee's DUI law you can be charged with a DUI or drugged driving if you are under the influence of marijuana. How does the police determine if your too stoned to drive? The Marshall Project recently examined that same question but on a national scale.

Feeling stuck in a violent relationship? Know you have options

Whether it is emotional or physical violence, a violent relationship is not easy to endure. Violent relationships can also be extremely difficult to get out of. While you might feel stuck or think that you don't have options or that you don't have anyone to talk to, remember there are several resources at your disposal that can help.

Three directions a DUI charge can take you

After being charged with a DUI it is only normal to wonder what your options are moving forward. Depending on the circumstances, you may be facing no charges or may be facing jail time. Because the range of outcomes is so vast, it is important to know some basic facts about what the possible outcomes are after being charged with a DUI in Tennessee.

Are The Contents Of Your Computer Really Private?

What happens when a computer repairman uncovers evidence of illegal acts on a computer the repairman is servicing? The right thing to do is for the repairman to alert law enforcement authorities. But a case in California has revealed a troubling relationship between the FBI and some employees of a leading national computer service provider. It raises serious questions involving the Fourth Amendment and a person's reasonable expectation of privacy.

The case arose when a California doctor sent his computer to Best Buy's Geek Squad team of computer technicians. When the technicians looked into the computer, they found an image that they thought to be child pornography, and alerted the FBI. The doctor was subsequently charged with child pornography crimes.

Pedestrian Deaths in Nashville

Nashville ranks as the 37th most dangeroues city for pedestrian deaths in the country. Sometimes pedestrian deaths lead to vehicular homicide charges.According to a report by the Tennessean, 209 pedestrians were struck and killed in Nashville in a ten year period ending in 2014. I thought the number was much higher. My office is downtown near the A.A.Birch Building. I drive downtown every work day. I constantly see pedestrians fail to use the cross walk, wearing earbuds, darting across the roads in traffic. There are near misses everyday.

Backpage and Nashville Prostitution Charges

Backpage ads go hand in hand with Nashville,Tn. patronizing prostitution charges. Most Nashville prostitution cases start with a false ad set up by the police. A unsuspecting person answers the ad. A confidential informant answers the door and the sting starts. It usually ends with the issuance of a criminal citation for patronizing prostitution.

Getting Off The Tennessee Sex Offender Registry

Having to register as a sex offender is one of the worst consequences getting convicted for a sex offense. It brands you in the eyes of the public. It prevents you from working in certain occupations and living in certain places. And your Tennessee driver's license will be tagged to indicate that you are an offender.

In some cases, listing on the sex offender registry is permanent. But if they qualify, some people can get their names removed from the list. You can ask the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation or your registering agency to remove your name from the Tennessee sex offender registry in these circumstances:

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