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Nashville DUI/DWI Law Blog

Woman hits Tennessee bar, faces DUI charges

The site of an accident involving property damage or injuries will typically lead to police involvement. When police responding to such a scene believe the accident may have been caused by, or involved, impairment of a driver somehow, DUI charges may follow the incident. A woman in Tennessee recently drove her car into a bar in Nashville and was arrested for DUI afterwards.

The accident occurred in the afternoon as the woman ran her car into the front of the building while patrons were inside. The front wall and the windows were hit and broken bits of the building were on the sidewalk. Witnesses to the crash said the driver was looking up and straight ahead as she proceeded to hit the building.

Defense is needed when facing Internet crime charges

Online activity may seem harmless or be seen as a victimless crime; however, the click of a mouse can lead to criminal charges if certain activities are suspected. Because the world of Internet crime is relatively new to law enforcement and the criminal justice system, it can be a difficult area to navigate. In fact, some people charged with an Internet crime in Tennessee may, actually, be unaware that certain activities are against the law, much less be aware of the possible criminal consequences of such activities.

One area of cyber-crime that may warrant a strong and effective defense strategy is identity theft. Another area that garners news, especially as the holiday season nears, is credit card fraud. When it comes to commerce in general, online auction fraud is a serious crime that can lead to criminal charges. Activity that can be called cyber stalking, such as on social media, can also lead to criminal charges.

Tennessee crash leads to vehicular homicide charges

Striking another vehicle head-on can lead to serious legal consequences under certain circumstances. A man in Tennessee is facing vehicular homicide charges after a collision that took the life of three people. Because of the potential for jail time when vehicular homicide charges are on the table, a vigorous defense strategy may be in the best interest of anyone charged.

The 37-year-old man behind the wheel was heading south on a highway when he left his lane for reasons which have yet to be determined. He hit an on-coming vehicle head-on. That vehicle was carrying a male, female and their 11-year-old daughter. All three died at the scene of the crash.

Road rage call leads to drunk driving charges in Tennessee

When police respond to a road rage call and believe intoxication is the part of the scenario, charges may be filed against one or more participants as a result. One incident in Tennessee recently made news as a woman now faces drunk driving charges after a road rage call. The incident also involved allegations of property destruction.

The woman and a male companion were both arrested after the incident. Police received a phone call about a road rage situation after one car allegedly tried to run another car off the road. One driver entered a Walmart parking lot, and the other driver followed. A man in the second car was reported to have gotten out and allegedly attempted to get into the other vehicle. He is also accused of throwing pumpkins through the passenger window and of punching someone in that car.

Tennessee football player faces DUI charges

Driving under the influence involves drugs as well as alcohol intoxication. When pulled over for speeding this summer, a Tennessee freshman football player ended up facing DUI charges. Marijuana was the suspected intoxicant according to police at the scene.

The football player was initially pulled over for going just shy of 80 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone on the interstate. The police officer at the scene said there was a smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. The vehicle was searched by deputies. Those deputies allegedly found marijuana residue on the seats of the vehicle.

Woman in Tennessee faces DUI charges, other accusations

A Tennessee car accident can quickly result in an arrest if police believe intoxication was a factor or there are items found at the scene that indicate drug or alcohol use. One woman was recently arrested after an accident. She now faces DUI charges and a slew of other charges related to her actions at the scene and items which police say they found there.

The woman was involved in an accident after she apparently crossed the center line and hit another car, narrowly missing another vehicle behind the one her vehicle struck. Police say she was uncooperative with responders, had slurred speech and did not take a field sobriety test. According to police, she also almost fell a few times.

Campus police seek sexual assault suspect

When a sexual assault is reported, police typically seek to question the individual accused in order to get an accurate or clear idea of what occurred. If police decide to press charges after finding and interviewing an individual suspected of sexual assault, that person can face a wide range of possible consequences. The outcome will likely depend heavily on the evidence -- or lack of it -- that is gathered. Recently, a student at Middle Tennessee State University reported a sexual assault and campus police are on the look-out for the individual involved.

The alleged assault happened in the middle of a recent Friday afternoon on campus. The student who complained says she was approached by an individual. That person apparently asked her to take a picture with him. She did so and claims that is when the assault occurred.

There is a lot at stake when facing sexual assault charges

Facing any criminal charge can be an intimidating and stressful situation regardless of the actual charge. Many criminal charges can also impact your life in a variety of ways, including impacting your freedom. When you are dealing with sexual assault charges of any kind or degree of severity, a conviction can affect your life in a number of ways even after you serve your debt to society. Because of what all is at stake, it is imperative that anyone in Tennessee facing sexual assault charges knows his or her rights and what the implications of a conviction may be.

Many types of sexual assault charges can lead to required registry as a sexual offender. Being put on this registry will follow you regardless of where you move. Supervision may be legally required, and where you can live will certainly by impacted. For example, registry as a sexual offender means you have to live a certain distance from schools or day care facilities.

Driving the wrong way results in drunk driving charges for woman

When someone heads the wrong way on the highway or drives through a closed section of road, the police are likely to become involved. One woman in Tennessee recently drove through a closed construction area on the Interstate, and criminal charges were filed against her as a result. The woman now faces drunk driving charges after the incident.

The incident unfolded as a 22-year-old woman was heading eastbound in the westbound lanes of traffic. She was reportedly close to crossing a bridge. Officers also noted marks on the road, indicating that the woman braked to keep from hitting a construction vehicle on the closed section of the highway.

What you need to know about a failed sobriety test

It can be intimidating and stressful to be asked to submit to a field sobriety test. Many outside factors, including fear and stress, can combine to produce a false conclusion. Accordingly, a failed sobriety test is possible even if the driver is not intoxicated. If you are facing a drunk driving charge in Tennessee , being aware of these factors may be important in contesting the accusations in criminal court.