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Tennessee man faces multiple charges, including new DUI charges

When police respond to a car accident, they may ask a driver specifics about the event, and criminal charges may be pending as a result of the discoveries they make. Recently, police came across a man whose truck had hit a pole. After investigating the scene and talking with the Tennessee man, they felt DUI charges were warranted, along with other charges.

The police responded at around 8 p.m. and asked the man what happened. They report that he initially said he wrecked because of swerving to avoid hitting an animal. The truck apparently went through a ditch before hitting the pole. They administered unspecified field sobriety tests, some of which they contend he failed. Other parts of the test were not possible due to the man's injuries.

After hitting pedestrian, driver faces drunk driving charges

Losing control of a car at any time can lead to an accident and that can lead to injuries to others. If police need to respond to a car accident, they may investigate to see if any criminal charges or traffic citations are warranted, such as charges related to driver impairment. In Tennessee, a woman was arrested and faces drunk driving charges after hitting a pedestrian and also a light pole.

The accident unfolded as the 26-year-old driver lost control of her car. She then went across two lanes of the road. The car hit a light pole and also struck a pedestrian.

Repeat offender facing DUI charges in Tennessee

Any kind of legal situation involving the police can be worrisome and result in criminal charges. Whenever someone is arrested as a repeat offender for a certain offense, the possible penalties they could face can be more severe compared to a person who may be an alleged first time offender. A Tennessee man recently found himself facing DUI charges, and the authorities claim he is a repeat offender, which could increase the need for sound legal advice and guidance.

The 59-year-old man was pulled over by police on a Sunday night. The police said he was making a U-turn while in an intersection. Once detained, the police say they found cause to charge the man with several offenses. However, it was not clear what made them believe the driver was under the influence at the time.

Driver faces drunk driving charges in Tennessee multi-car crash

Car accidents involving multiple vehicles may easily result in a fatality. This seems to have been the result of a recent car accident in Tennessee involving six cars. One driver was arrested and now faces drunk driving charges.

The incident happened when the 27-year-old driver was traveling eastbound on the Interstate. He and three other vehicles crashed into two vehicles which had been stopped on the eastbound side of the roadway for unknown reasons. The multi-vehicle collision killed two parents, both 43 years of age. Tragically, their two teenage sons also died from injuries suffered in the crash.

Accident leads to DUI charges for Tennessee man

Whenever there is an accident and the police respond, they may investigate to see if there is suspicion of drunk driving or impairment of any kind. Recently, a Tennessee car accident led police to suspect a man of drunk driving. DUI charges are currently pending against the driver who wrecked his vehicle on a Saturday night.

Before the accident occurred, a police officer responded to reports that a van ran a light and was driving along the road in an erratic manner. However, the police officer was unable to contact or pull over the vehicle in question before the accident occurred. The van ran off the roadway and then struck a culvert before overturning.

Tips for how to deal with DUI charges in Tennessee

Far too many people think that once they are suspected of or face DUI charges, all hope of defending themselves is lost. In Tennessee and elsewhere, it is vital that anyone facing DUI charges knows their rights. There are also tips to help protect those rights and minimize the chance of being arrested or found guilty of any kind of DUI charges.

One thing anyone should know before they are stopped and questioned is that they have the right to not answer questions. There is no need to feel obligated to tell police if you have been drinking or how much. You can simply politely state that you wish to speak with an attorney before discussing anything further.

Crash leads to drunk driving charges for Tennessee songstress

Anytime there is a car accident of any kind and police are called, police may evaluate drivers to see if impairment or some other form of negligence may have been the cause of the crash. This was the case after a recent Tennessee car accident. Police ended up filing drunk driving charges against a country music Grammy winner named Lynn Anderson after an accident.

The accident happened on a Thursday evening. An officer responded to the scene of the accident and felt that the singer was showing signs of being impaired. Then, according to police, she admitted that she had consumed alcohol and also admitted to have taken a prescription medication, although it is not reported what that medication was.

A year after accident, woman faces DUI charges

Many people wrongfully assume that charges need to be filed at the time of an accident or incident, if they are going to be filed at all. However, some incidents may be under investigation for some period of time before formal charges are actually pursued against a person. One case in Tennessee highlights the point that charges can come about some time after an incident as a woman is just now facing DUI charges a year after an accident.

The accident happened in the fall of 2013. A 36-year-old woman was driving when she reportedly pulled into the path of another vehicle. The other driver needed to be transported by ambulance for medical care, and the 36-year-old woman needed to be airlifted and treated.

When is driving while intoxicated in Tennessee a felony DUI?

Anytime someone is found to have a blood alcohol content over the legal limit, they may face a misdemeanor DUI charge. However, there are times when certain circumstances can lead to a DUI charge being upgraded to a felony DUI in Tennessee. It is important to understand what a felony DUI charge may mean for your record and how it compares to a misdemeanor DUI charge.

A DUI can be upgraded if the DUI resulted in bodily harm of another. The distinction may be left up to prosecutors to decide if a felony charge is warranted. Also, if a child under 13 is in the vehicle at the time and that child is seriously injured, the DUI can constitute a felony charge.

Tennessee motorcyclist faces drunk driving charges

If police believe they have reason to pull over a motorist, that motorist typically complies with the request. If a motorist flees instead of pulling over, a chase can ensue, and the motorist may face a number of charges as a result. A recent incident in Tennessee led to a motorcyclist facing a number of charges, including drunk driving charges, as he allegedly fled from police who tried to pull him over.

The incident started around midnight on a Tuesday as police noticed the motorcycle was missing a tail light. Police contend that the motorcyclist sped off down the highway. They pursued the man, and one police officer need up being hit in the leg by the motorcycle.