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Nashville DUI/DWI Law Blog

Man jumps in pond, faces DUI charges and other charges

When police pull over a person driving because of a traffic issue, they may pursue suspicions of other alleged crimes if they feel there is reason to suspect something else is going on. Recently in Tennessee, police pulled over a man for a broken tail light and ended the night by talking the man out of a pond where he fled. The man involved in this unusual incident is now facing DUI charges and other charges.

When police pulled the 27-year-old over, the officer reported smelling alcohol and observed a beer can in the car. When asked about it, the driver allegedly took off from the officer. The man then drove through a Walmart parking lot where he eventually stopped. However, he fled the car and jumped over a fence leading to a pond, into which he ran.

Tennessee crash leads to DUI charges for man

Any kind of traffic infraction can lead to attention from patrolling officers, and running a red light can certainly draw attention from Tennessee police. This kind of traffic infraction recently led to police filing DUI charges against a man driving on Tennessee roadways. His running a red light led to a terrifying car accident.

The incident started as police followed a car after it allegedly ran a red light. The person being pursued then hit another vehicle on the roadway. Upon that collision, the suspect jumped out of the vehicle and allegedly ran away. He was then taken into custody by police on the scene.

Internet crime can be confusing in Tennessee

The evolution of technology has taken place at break-neck speed. The criminal aspect of the Internet and computer use in general may still be unclear or unknown to some who may not even be aware of what online activity may constitute a crime. Those facing charges of Internet crime in Tennessee should be keenly aware of what activities may constitute a crime as well as what kind of evidence may be used in cases of Internet crimes.

Many Internet crimes involve fraud of some sort and other activities related to computer use. For example, fraudulent use of a credit card online can be pursued as an Internet crime. Online auctions are popular and can lead to charges of fraud. If the Internet, or online communication, is used when wire fraud occurs, that action may constitute an Internet crime. Stalking online is also a crime as is involvement in Internet viruses.

Mom in Tennessee faces DUI charges after drugs found

All too often, people associate a DUI charge with driving under the influence of alcohol. However, DUI charges can stem from being under the influence of drugs while being behind the wheel of a vehicle. That vehicle also does not have to necessarily be in motion at the time police intervene. Such was the case recently in an incident at a Tennessee gas station. 

The incident began as employees at the gas station called police. They reported the woman had been in their bathroom for about 45 minutes. Police confronted the woman, who had finally made it back to her car and was sitting behind the wheel with the engine running. Police stated that she was fidgety and unable to answer their questions or perform satisfactorily a field sobriety test.

Important to understand field sobriety tests in Tennessee

Being arrested or charged with a DUI can be downright scary for anyone. Field sobriety tests play a role in many DUI cases in Tennessee. However, they are not an exact science and typically involve being asked to perform a number of physical feats, including walking a straight line, standing on one foot, counting in a certain sequence and other tasks that may prove difficult for some. Anyone who is asked to take one, and then arrested based on how they perform the physical tasks asked of them, may benefit by gaining more information about these subjective tests.

First of all, your physical condition can impact the results just as much as a level of intoxication. Knee or back pain can make performing parts of the tests difficult. Weight plays a role also. Being more than 50 pounds overweight can make a few of the maneuvers difficult, if not impossible. Age also obviously can make performance of a field sobriety test difficult or even impossible.

Man faces sexual assault charges after incident in Tennessee

Any kind of sexual encounter that results in criminal charges against one party can lead to serious consequences. An incident at a Tennessee apartment complex has led to sexual assault charges against a man. The girl at the center of the incident is a 13-year-old.

The incident unfolded as the girl was walking through the complex. She told police she was approached by the man and he asked her for sex. She reports that she said no and he attempted to forcibly make her have sex with him.

Man faces multiple offense charges after DUI arrest

Whenever an accident that leads to criminal charges, those charges may be upgraded or altered depending on certain circumstances. One example that may result in one or multiple offense charges being upgraded is if a victim of an accident dies. One recent Tennessee accident has made news as a man hit a buggy, resulting in injuries to a girl. Since the girl has succumbed to her injuries, one or more of the multiple offenses may now be upgraded.

The accident happened on a Tuesday as a 28-year-old man was driving a van. He crashed into the buggy driven by a 50-year-old man who had a 13-year-old female passenger inside. The man then drove further until the van stopped.

Teen is alleged victim of sexual assault in Tennessee

Hazing incidents have made news lately, and some have resulted in criminal charges. An alleged incident related to hazing between members of a high school basketball team has resulted in criminal charges due to an alleged sexual assault of one player. Three of the Tennessee basketball players are charged with assault and aggravated rape of the teammate.

The incident occurred as the team was at a rental cabin for a basketball tournament. The victim in the incident was reportedly sodomized with a pool cue. The incident was also described as torture by three of the teammates.

Understanding sex crimes investigations and consequences

Being accused of any crime and/or suffering the effects of a criminal investigation can take a toll on all aspects of a person's life. However, when an investigation involves sex crimes, it is typically helpful to gain an understanding of what may occur and how a case may unfold if charges are filed in Tennessee. An important consideration involves the penalties that could be imposed should a conviction be obtained by prosecutors.

First of all, an investigation is not evidence of guilt, yet it may feel that way -- especially if any accusations become public information. The deck may appear to be stacked against the accused. For instance, an underage alleged victim may have been coached or improperly interviewed, making the investigation and subsequent proceedings unfair for the defendant from the beginning. Defense counsel will cognizant of these potential issues and seek to document them on behalf of the client.

Man faces DUI charges after crashing into house

An accident that requires a police presence and intervention can lead to charges for those involved if responding authorities suspect someone involved is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Recently in Tennessee, police responded to an accident where a car hit a house. DUI charges followed for the driver suspected to be behind the wheel.

The incident unfolded on a Thursday morning. A car came crashing through a home. It hit the garage part of the home and pushed a car inside the garage into the dining room of the home. The ceiling collapsed in that portion of the home. Three people were inside, but no injuries were reported.