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Nashville DUI/DWI Law Blog

Town mayoral candidate and former lawman facing DUI charges

When police try to pull over an individual and that individual does not comply, that person may face charges related to fleeing or evading. If police do eventually get the driver to comply and believe there are additional crimes involved, they may pursue other charges as well. A recent incident in Tennessee involved a former county sheriff who, according to authorities, would not pull over and now faces DUI charges related to the incident.

The incident took place on a Saturday night as police reportedly tried to the pull over the former sheriff. Police say he took off, and the officer lost track of him. They say he was spotted speeding again, and a chase ensued. The chase reportedly reached speeds that were registered as over 115 mph.

Man in Tennessee faces drunk driving charges after trying to flee

Whenever someone is suspected of being investigated for any kind of criminal offense or behavior, getting arrested for another charge can compound the situation. For one man in Tennessee who was suspected of one incident, being arrested and facing drunk driving charges could compound his legal troubles. The man faces drunk driving charges related to a Saturday morning incident.

The incident began when the police saw a vehicle that they contend was swerving. They approached the vehicle in question, and the man inside reportedly attempted to flee on foot. Police say they were able to catch up with the man. According to them, the man was too intoxicated for field sobriety tests.

Those convicted of fatal DUI charges may still avoid jail in TN

There is constant debate about which laws should stay in place and which ones need to be altered or completely removed. Currently, there is significant debate regarding whether laws regarding DUI charges in Tennessee should be changed. Many are arguing that the punishments prescribed by current law do not match the severity of the crime.

As the law is written now, one may possibly be hit with more time behind bars for being pulled over for drunk driving than for causing a fatal crash while driving intoxicated. Tennessee law requires that first-time offenders spend a minimum of 48 hours in jail. However, when it comes to fatal accidents, judges are required to examine 24 different factors when deciding punishment for the convicted offender, and the end result may not include any jail time.

Man indicted for crash that injured 4 and killed 1

Drunk driving is serious business. When a crash occurs due to the driver's intoxication, it can become life-changing for those involved. A young Tennessee man is quickly finding out the consequences he may face after an alleged drunk driving crash that happened the year he reached legal drinking age.

In December 2013, the 21-year-old man was driving a Chevy pickup truck that also was occupied by a 38-year-old man and a 22-year-old man and his mother. As the truck was traversing the Lewallen bridge, it attempted to pass a slower car, but the driver lost control of the truck. The pickup spun, crossed the center line of the road and hit an oncoming Honda Civic. The Civic subsequently hit a Chevy SUV.

Prominent businessman loses life in alleged DUI hit and run

The penalties in Tennessee for being found guilty of driving while under the influence are very clear. When someone is convicted, the factors that go into determining the penalties include how many prior convictions someone has had, what their blood alcohol level was at the time, and whether there were any injuries or deaths that resulted. In attempting to secure a conviction, it is up to law enforcement to find clear-cut evidence of guilt just as it is up to criminal defense professionals to question or disprove the evidence. A 44-year-old Tennessee man is now dealing with these issues as police and legal counsel attempt to sort out multiple alleged drunk driving incidents believed to have been caused by the same person.

Nashville police officer charged with DUI refuses BAC test

A conviction on charges of driving while under the influence comes with serious consequences, which can include jail time, hefty fines and license suspension or revocation. For some people, even charges can affect their professional career, as one young Nashville police officer is now discovering.

During the early morning hours of a recent morning, a 26-year-old man traveling east on Broadway in Nashville was spotted by a trooper with the Tennessee Highway Patrol. The trooper noticed that the vehicle’s headlights were not on, and he pulled the car over. He noticed that the driver was unsteady on his feet, had bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol, so he administered field sobriety tests, which the young man failed. The driver refused a breath alcohol test. During the stop, law enforcement officers discovered a gun in the car’s console.

Probation and vehicular homicide

For a person who gets behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking alcohol, seeing the flashing lights of a police cruiser may seem like something out of a nightmare. Many drivers are well aware of Tennessee's strict laws pertaining to drunk driving, but not everyone realizes how complex the trial and sentencing process can be.

For example, there is an aspect of Tennessee law that provides judges with wide discretion in sentencing individuals convicted of vehicular homicide involving alcohol. In some cases, a person found guilty of vehicular homicide may face a lighter sentence than a person convicted of drunk driving multiple times.

Tennessee man charged with second offense DUI

A single drunk driving conviction can have a major negative impact on a person's life. In addition to fines and jail time, some people lose their jobs and experience family troubles after being convicted of DUI. In Tennessee, the penalties only become more severe after a second or subsequent DUI conviction.

The 22-year-old son of a Tennessee state representative is facing serious DUI charges after being stopped by police. It remains to be seen whether the charges against the young man will have any effect on his father's reelection bid in Smyrna.

Vehicular assault charges lead to prison time for Tennessee man

A Tennessee truck driver will now face serious penalties after his involvement in a crash in another state. The accident happened in November 2013 on Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania.

According to authorities, two cars were parked on the side of the interstate, and two men were trying to fix one of the vehicles. The truck driver's tractor trailer reportedly hit both cars, and one of the men outside on the road spent months in a coma and is now partially paralyzed. The other man on the road is reportedly unable to work because of his injuries.

Murfreesboro woman faces DUI and vehicular homicide charges

If the authorities suspect that a person was intoxicated at the time of an accident, charges against the accused can accrue quickly. It is important to ensure that the rights of the accused are protected in such cases, and those facing DUI charges should be fully aware of their rights.

A 33-year-old woman from Murfreesboro now faces a charge of vehicular homicide after she allegedly struck and killed a 13-year-old boy who was reportedly attempting to change a flat tire on the shoulder of Interstate 24. The mother of the teen was also struck by the vehicle. The accident occurred in mid-April.