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Tips for How to Deal with DUI Charges in Tennessee

Far too many people think that once they are suspected of or face DUI charges, all hope of defending themselves is lost. In Tennessee and elsewhere, it is vital that anyone facing DUI charges knows their rights. There are also tips to help protect those rights and minimize the chance of being arrested or found guilty of any kind of DUI charges.

One thing anyone should know before they are stopped and questioned is that they have the right to not answer questions. There is no need to feel obligated to tell police if you have been drinking or how much. You can simply politely state that you wish to speak with an attorney before discussing anything further.

If you are charged, the nature of a stop by police matters. Many people may not realize they simply can't be stopped for the sake of stopping. The police must have a legal reason to pull you over. If they do not, anything they conclude or gather during that illegal stop can't be used against you. The results of any testing, such as field sobriety tests, can also be disputed depending upon the specific circumstances under which they were administered.

The details of any DUI accusation can make a significant difference in how a case unfolds. If you are unaware of certain defense strategies, laws that may work in your favor and your basic rights, you may be penalized or even persecuted unnecessarily. Our firm has information on our website about DUI charges in Tennessee and how the details of a case can play a role in how it is handled and ultimately decided.

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