A Criminal Defense Lawyer With Real Trial Experience

A graduate of the prestigious Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College, Rob McKinney does not hesitate to take cases to trial to defend his clients' rights. He will not simply escort you before the judge and automatically plead you guilty — instead, he will combat the charges against you in every way possible.

Seeking Positive Outcomes For The Accused

"I care about my clients, and I enjoy helping them. They are good people who are going through difficult times. Some are falsely accused. Others may have made a bad decision, like failing to call a cab after a party. I guide them through a legal process that can be frightening, confusing and full of snares for the unwary. I help put their lives back on track." — Attorney Rob McKinney

Nashville Criminal Defense attorney, Rob McKinney, works hard to put himself in his clients' shoes and see each case from their perspective. He takes the time to learn how the outcome will impact their lives, and he uses every resource to minimize the damage to their lives and promote a positive outcome.