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Blood Alcohol Tests: Results Do Not Mean Automatic Conviction

When someone is suspected of driving while under the influence, requests to take a blood test can be common. While the results of blood alcohol tests can make a drunk driving case more difficult to challenge or dismiss in Tennessee, those results in no way mean an automatic conviction and can still be successfully challenged regardless of what level of alcohol intoxication a test may indicate. Anyone who is facing a DUI charge and whose case involves the results of blood alcohol tests may want to be aware of what aspects of the tests can lead to a successful challenge.

The person who draws the blood and the equipment used in the test play a huge role in the results and may be challenged in court. If the person was not licensed to draw the blood, the results may not be seen as valid in court. The same is true for faulty or improperly calibrated equipment.

The actual blood sample may be the source of a reason to successfully challenge a blood test. The blood itself must be stored in a certain way. It must also be drawn within a certain period of time to be successfully used by the prosecution as a means of proving intoxication.

Unfortunately, many people in Tennessee who take blood alcohol tests may be unaware of the specifics regarding the test they were given and the manner in which the blood was handled. If an individual believes any of the above factors played a role in his or her blood alcohol test or believes there may be another reason the blood alcohol test results may be inaccurate, that person may want to inquire as to whether the results can be challenged in court. Our website has more specific information about blood alcohol tests in general and how those results can make or break a drunk driving case.