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What Happens If I Catch A Charge While On Probation?

Probation violations occur every day in Tennessee. Once someone goes on probation in Tennessee, they agree to follow the rules of probation. The rules of probation set out in writing what you are supposed to do while you are on probation. One of the main rules is not to get arrested on a new charge while on probation or catch a new charge.

Most judges consider being arrested while on probation one of the most serious category of probation violations. It shows a blatant disregard of the law. It also shows to the court you can't be trusted on probation. Remember probation is not a right. It is an alternative to jail. Some probation officers will look at the type of charge and take a wait and see approach on a violation. Most probation officers will report the conduct to the court and the court will sign a probation violation warrant.

The main defense to this type of probation is to fight the new charge. try to get the case dismissed or any other type of disposition other than a guilty charge. The other type of strategy is to try to work out a global resolution with the probation violation and the new charge.