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Are Prescription Drug Charges Serious?

Like many other residents of Tennessee, you may think of hard or illegal drugs when you think about severe drug crimes and penalties. We work to dispel that myth and bring you facts about the real potential seriousness of prescription drug crimes.

The fact of the matter is that prescription drugs can be involved in federal criminal charges, in addition to state criminal charges. These charges will remain on your record if you are convicted, which gives them as much sway over your ability to get an education, housing, or a job as any other criminal conviction. This is especially true because many times, the details of the conviction aren't immediately apparent and much like you, your potential future employer may see that you have a drug conviction on your record and assume it's an illegal drug.

People just like you can end up turning to prescription drugs for a variety of reasons. Wrongful arrests for valid prescriptions do happen, or you may take medication for certain situations that you don't have a prescription for even if the medication works for you. In some tragic cases, addictions may develop, putting you at risk for trying to obtain more prescription drugs and edging you closer to the possibility of an arrest. In any situation, the penalties you could face for potential convictions remain equally serious.

If you want to read more about prescription drug crimes and the potential severity of their penalties, take a look at our web page. We list out the controlled substances that tend to be involved in prescription drug cases, and other useful information that may come in handy.