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A Checklist for Going to the Sumner County, TN Jail

Need a checklist for doing a weekend in Sumner County, TN jail? I didn't think a checklist was needed until last week. I posted last week on a checklist for going for a court appearance. A friend sent me a message that I needed to include a checklist for spending a weekend in the Sumner County jail. Unfortunately, this is based upon her personal experience for women. Her is the list for women and you can guess the modifications for a male inmate.

  • Two pairs of white underwear.
  • Two white bras without underwire. Men can omit this item from their checklist.
  • Two pairs of socks.
  • One pair of white thermals.
  • Tennis shoes. No laces allowed.
  • One paperback. No hardcovers allowed.
  • Eye glasses or contacts. Trial size deodorant.
  • Toothpaste, toothbrush, and soap are provided.
  • Weekenders have no access to the vending machines.
  • No money is allowed. Medications are given at random hours.

The general concept is the jail would not pass an inspection by the department of health. Going to jail is not a walk in the park, but why have mandatory jail sentences on certain crimes.

If you have any suggestions for topics for the blog, please let me know. One purpose of the blog is to provide more information to those facing criminal charges in Tennessee.