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Special Concerns When Falsely Accused of Cyber Crime

Along with the increasing connectivity of the world and the prevalence of computers in our daily lives, we have been observing a corresponding increase in the number of our clients facing spurious allegations of cybercrime in Tennessee. We consider it our duty as criminal defense attorneys to mitigate the long-term consequences this type of criminal charge might have for our clients. 

We understand that cyber crimes might confuse many individuals, even those who stand accused. It takes astounding effort to commit many of these crimes wittingly: a fact that we believe indemnifies many people against criminal conviction in cyber charges. The Wall Street Journal published a piece stating that, whereas technically minded lone hackers may once have carried out the majority of cybercrimes, many of these offenses are committed now by organized criminal institutions with which our clients have no association. 

Another concern many people have when accused of cyber crimes is the relative sophistication of cybercrime departments in the federal and state investigatory units, such as the FBI or TBI. We often find it advisable to retain professionals in data collection, network security, cryptography or other relevant information technology fields in order to protect the interests and rights of our clients. Our goal is to provide our clients with the latest technical knowledge alongside a precise understanding of national and Tennessee cybercrime definitions. 

We understand that bewilderment is often the first reaction of those accused of cyber crimes. We find that learning more about the crimes helps our clients understand their positions as accused individuals. To learn more about various topics in Tennessee law, please take a look at our primary site.