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Understanding the Different Types of Online Scams

The internet is an incredible invention full of opportunities. Using the World Wide Web allows you to learn anything, talk to anyone and pursue a variety of activities, from shopping to playing games. The internet is also home to numerous types of crimes, known as cyber crimes.

Criminal activity on the internet takes multiple forms. People partake in many different types of illegal activity on smartphones and computers. One of the most common types of online crimes is a scam. Below is a list of some of the most prevalent kinds of online scams. 

Internet scams

The online world is fertile ground for various forms of fraud. Some common kinds of online scams include the following:

  • Phishing scheme: When a scammer obtains personal information from a user by posing as a trustworthy entity in an electronic message. For example, a scammer may send someone an email acting as a bank and request account verification, collecting sensitive details such as the account number and password.
  • Fake prizes: A criminal may utilize a pop-up ad to tell someone he or she is the winner of a prize. A false contest like this may require the user to give private information or pay fees, only to have the scammer pocket the funds and never send the prize. 
  • Fake rentals: Sometimes, rental ads are too good to be true. Fake ads with stolen photos and information may require a hopeful renter to wire-transfer fees.
  • Work-from-home: Online criminals may advertise jobs that allow people to earn money from home. However, these schemes often require people to buy expensive materials without getting the ability to earn a living.
  • Catfishing: When someone makes a fake social media profile and pursues an online relationship, it is known as catfishing. Sometimes, a catfisher gets the victim to send gifts or money. This may also involve identity theft.

If you are facing an internet crime charge, it is important to get a defense attorney right away. There are defenses to every criminal charge, including cyber crimes.