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Crimes That Become More Common During the Holidays

Even though the holiday season is full of joy, gift-giving, family, and celebration, that does not mean it is a completely innocent and safe time of year. In fact, certain crimes become more common during the holidays. Retail crimes like shoplifting and shipment thefts skyrocket by 30 percent. 

It may be surprising to learn that criminal activity becomes more widespread during a season that should be about giving and feeling joyous. Here are some criminal offenses that are more prevalent during this wonderful yet dangerous time of year. 


It may not be too shocking that stealing from retail establishments is one of the most pervasive holiday crimes. People shoplift everything from small accessories to big electronics. Some individuals shoplift because they are too poor to afford gifts. Others may steal because they assume they can get away with it among huge crowds. 

Home burglary

Houses are full of expensive gifts and decorations during the holiday months. This means there is often an increase in break-ins. Burglaries often involve stealing jewelry, cash, and electronics.

Package theft

The holiday season sees a spike in online shopping. This means more boxes and envelopes full of gifts are on front porches and in mailboxes. Thieves often target these deliveries and steal unattended shipments. 

Identity theft

With so many people using credit cards for holiday purchases, identity thieves are on the lookout. They may use skimmers on physical card readers or hack into computers to access personal information. After collecting this information, criminals often make unauthorized purchases with stolen credit card details.

Driving under the influence

Holiday parties often involve the consumption of alcohol and illicit drugs. After these celebrations, some people choose to drive home even though they are high or drunk. There tends to be a spike in drunk driving incidents and arrests, especially after Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve.

Those who have been arrested for a crime needs to keep in mind this important fact: there are defenses to every criminal charge. They should speak with an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible.