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Can You Lose a Professional License for Not Paying Child Support?

As a Tennessee resident who is currently paying child support, you may already know that failing to keep up with your child support payments can potentially put you in serious hot water.

So, if you cannot keep up with your Tennessee child support payments, what types of repercussions might you face? The National Conference of State Legislatures details the penalties Tennessee residents who fail to stay current on child support may face.

License restrictions

As is the case in many other states across the nation, Tennessee may strip you of your driver’s and other licenses if your child support obligations are in arrears. Before the state can do so, however, you have to be either at least $500 behind on your payments or at least 90 days late in making them.

If your situation meets one of these criteria, your driver’s, business, occupational, professional or recreational licenses may be at stake. You may, for example, lose your driver’s license for failure to pay child support, which can, in turn, make it harder than ever for you to get to work and pay off your balance due.

While not having a license can create hurdles when it comes to earning a living, so, too, can losing your business or professional license. If you, say, make your living as a nurse, you may lose your ability to do so for failure to pay child support, and the same holds true regardless of what type of professional or occupational license you hold. You may, too, lose your hunting license for failure to pay child support, if you have one, among other penalties.

Not keeping up with your child support payments can have considerable consequences. If you do face the possible loss of your professional license, seek legal help from an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.