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Tennessee Issues $21M in Grants for DUI Enforcement and More

The coffers of a number of law enforcement agencies across Tennessee are getting an infusion of cash to help them in their efforts. The governor's office has announced that grants totaling just over $21 million have been awarded to an array of offices, including the Clarkesville Police Department.

Tennessee Department of Transportation Commissioner John Schroer says the funds are intended to help support a variety of safety initiatives around the state. They include efforts to counter speeding, improve the capabilities of emergency responders, increase training around child passenger safety, and boost prosecutions of driving under the influence charges

Schroer says all the efforts are intended to address the administration's goal of making the state a better place to live and work.

The money for the grants comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Governor's Highway Safety Office doles the money out based on specific criteria and reviews of applications from the various agencies needs.

This round of awards saw 370 agencies receiving 434 awards. Clarksville's police department is receiving about $100,000 for what is identified as Alcohol Countermeasures.

As is indicated by the nature of the efforts that are receiving grants, state officials are seeking to put a certain amount of emphasis on educating motorists about the law and the requirements of safe driving behaviors.

All of that is important, but it is equally important for readers to understand and remember that a DUI charge is just that, a charge; an allegation. Anyone who is facing such a charge should be taking the necessary step of consulting with an attorney to be sure their rights are protected to the fullest extent possible. 

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