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Tennessee Woman Faces DUI Charges and Other Charges

Whenever police pull someone over a for a traffic offense, they may find they have cause to pursue other charges. If they believe a driver is impaired, the police could ask for the person to submit to a field sobriety test and/or a chemical test for impairment. Recently, a Tennessee woman was pulled over for not making a proper turn and ended up with DUI charges and other charges also.

Once police pulled her over, they say she had bloodshot eyes and also demonstrated slurred speech. She submitted to field sobriety testing, and they contend that she failed. Specifics were not provided. They took the woman into custody at that time.

Police also report that the woman had two children with her in the car at the time. They were her own kids, a 14-year-old and 5-year-old. The Department of Children's Services arranged for the children to be given to the family for care. Also, police say they discovered the woman had previous DUI convictions and had a revoked license. She was charged with reckless endangerment in addition to the DUI charge and an accusation of driving on a revoked license.

It's no surprise that DUI charges are taken very seriously in Tennessee. The possible penalties for a DUI conviction increase if there are previous convictions. Also, additional charges, such as child endangerment, can lead to increased penalties should they ultimately result in a conviction. The relevance and competence of evidence gathered at the scene and the legality of being pulled over in the first place can all impact how a case proceeds in court. Anyone facing DUI charges will likely benefit by having a legal professional on their side who understands the issues and is prepared to fight for the rights of the client. 

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