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Man Known in Cyber Circles Faces Drunk Driving Charges

Any incident involving suspicion of drunk driving can be further complicated if there are any other substances involved or the presence of weapons. A man well-known in the world of cybersecurity was recently arrested in Tennessee on drunk driving charges and also for having a handgun with him while DUI. The incident took place during a recent weekend.

While police did not discuss the details of the incident, the accused man apparently posted about it on social media. He reportedly admitted to driving under the influence of the prescription drug Xanax. As for the gun he had at the time, he says he always has it and that it was legal to carry and possess but for the DUI charge.

The man indicated that he blamed his doctor for not informing him of the effects of Xanax. He also said he just got the prescription that day and was not told about how it could affect his driving. The man also posted references to having a shootout with police, later saying that was a joke. Police, however, did not confirm or deny that a shootout occurred during the man's arrest.

The man, in this case, may be well-known and have posted details and explanations on social media. Regardless, drunk driving charges in Tennessee are taken very seriously and are handled according to the admissible evidence and the specific charges brought by law enforcement authorities. Any offered evidence, such as proof prescription drugs or weapons, can effectively be challenged in court in appropriate circumstances. 

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