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Tennessee Mom Driving with Kids Faces Drunk Driving Charges

A drunk driving charge can have an immediate impact on a person's life, especially under certain circumstances. There are times when drunk driving charges may be filed in conjunction with other charges, based on the specifics of the situation. In one Tennessee incident, a mom was charged with drunk driving but saw those charges compounded due to the fact that she had kids in the car at the time of the incident.

The incident occurred at an intersection in Jackson on a Wednesday. Police encountered a woman they suspected of drunk driving, although the report does not indicate why exactly they believed she was intoxicated as she was behind the wheel. At the time she was charged, there were three children in the back of the car, and police contend the children did not have seat belts on at the time.

The woman was charged with driving under the influence and also charged with reckless endangerment due to the presence of the children in the car. The mother of the three kids -- 3, 5 and 7 years old -- said the kids took off the seat belts once she left the car to deal with the police. The woman posted bond and was able to go home.

The drunk driving charges the woman faces can mean jail time, high fines and the loss of a driver's license in Tennessee if those charges result in a criminal court conviction, which is never a given regardless of the circumstances. The additional charges of reckless endangerment could affect the woman's family in general, beyond the scope of the drunk driving charges, if a conviction is ultimately secured. In any criminal matter with so much at stake, it may be helpful for the person accused to seek advice and support with a view toward achieving a positive outcome.

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