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Tennessee College Football Player Facing Drunk Driving Charges

A traffic stop can lead to charges if police find a reason to believe a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol based on smells or documented behavior. When that driver is a football player for a Tennessee college, that traffic stop and subsequent arrest may be newsworthy. Recently, Tennessee player Charles Mosley was arrested after a traffic stop and now faces drunk driving charges.

The lineman, who is 18 years old, was pulled over on a Wednesday morning. He was alleged to be traveling 79 in a 55 mph speed zone. When police approached the vehicle, the officer says he noticed what smelled like marijuana. The football player said he did not smoke marijuana but was at a hotel where his friends were smoking marijuana.

The police also said the young man did not perform well when doing a field sobriety test. The man was detained, and blood was drawn. He was then released on bond and has a court hearing in the near future. The university has said that it is waiting to learn the facts of the case.

Drunk driving charges against someone who is underage may affect many aspects of the accused person's life. Schooling and scholarships may be at risk in some cases, as can a driver's license and even a person's freedom. In Tennessee, anyone underage who is arrested and faces drunk driving charges may want to inquire as to how blood tests, field sobriety tests or other factors of an arresting incident may impact the coming court proceedings and the potential outcome of the charges.

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