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Tennessee Town Official Allegedly Failed Field Sobriety Tests

failed sobriety test can lead to an arrest for DUI. One Tennessee town official was recently arrested after she allegedly failed field sobriety tests. The woman also had two juveniles in the vehicle with her at the time of the arrest. One of those juveniles was her own son, and the other was a friend of that son.

The incident unfolded as the 54-year-old Mt. Pleasant city manager was reportedly swerving in and out of her lane of traffic. She was pulled over by police and given field sobriety tests. The officer reported she failed the tests and was subsequently arrested.

The city official faces charges of DUI, violation of an open container law and failure to maintain lanes. The two juveniles were allegedly scared as they could tell the driver was under the influence. They were released to the father of the other juvenile. The police also report the town official asked if the officer knew who she was and if that officer was trying to frame her.

The details of the exact nature of field sobriety tests were not stated; however, these tests are designed to measure balance and reactions in order to confirm intoxication. The tasks a Tennessee officer may ask of a driver can be difficult for some to perform due to health reasons, age, weather or simply miscommunication between the driver and an officer. While these test results can be used in court as evidence, outside or individual factors may certainly play a role in whether or not those test results are valid or admissible if the case goes to court.

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