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Tennessee Teacher Charged with Driving Under the Influence

The recent arrest of a teacher has led to his suspension in addition to the possibility of criminal consequences. The teacher in Tennessee was arrested on several charges, one of which was driving under the influence. The incident that led to his arrest occurred on a Friday when a passerby called police about an unusual situation.

The passerby called police when the man was seen passed out behind the wheel of his car. The man turned out to be a 34-year-old middle school teacher. According to police, the man could not be woken up.

He has been charged with driving with a suspended license and possession of marijuana in addition to the driving under the influence. The middle school teacher has been suspended without pay as the school gets more information about the incident. At the time the teacher was found, he was taken to a hospital and released from there.

The driving under the influence charge faced by the teacher can mean high fines, loss of a driver's license and other possible consequences depending on the details of the situation. While there is no mention of any field sobriety tests, blood or breath tests, these tests may or may not have been conducted depending on the condition of the man at the time. His unconsciousness may have impacted what tests could be given or his ability to consent to tests or consent to a search that may have led to the discovery of marijuana. These factors can play a significant role in how the various charges can be prosecuted in a Tennessee court and what evidence or test results may be considered admissible.

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