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Opioid Addiction: A Serious Political, Medical and Legal Issue

According to news reports, opponents of the nomination of Dr. Scott Gottlieb are fearful that his nomination as the head of the Food and Drug Administration will ultimately be detrimental to the worsening opioid epidemic. These fears are based on the belief that he is too closely affiliated with the pharmaceutical industry and has plans to expedite the drug review and approval process. The FDA approval and release process has long been under fire. Some people argue that an overly complicated process creates unnecessary delays in getting valuable, beneficial drugs to the market. Others worry that making it too easy to get drugs approved and on the market prioritizes pharmaceutical profits over patient safety.

Regardless of where you stand politically, the fact is that decisions made by lawmakers, politicians, and people in the medical industry have a very real impact on patients and other individuals who become addicted to prescription drugs. Ultimately, they can wind up paying a hefty price in the form of serious health concerns, a criminal record, fines, and jail sentence.

If you are accused of a crime involving prescription drugs and/or opioid addiction, don't make the mistake of thinking that you are just a statistic. You have rights that must be defended and a future worth protecting. In order to do so, it can be crucial that you consult an attorney and discuss your legal options.