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Guiding Teenagers Through a Drug Charge

Even with the best guidance, your teenager can still make mistakes, and sometimes these mistakes may include drug possession. We understand that when this situation occurs, you want to know how to help your child.

One thing you and your spouse need to understand is that you may not always be able to be as involved as you would like. Forbes says that if your child is questioned concerning a drug charge, you are not always allowed to be in the room. This is because when someone is questioned, their federal rights allow them to have a lawyer. You may be able to be in the room if you ask the law enforcement officer who is questioning your teenager, but it is important to remember that you are not legally required to be there.

It is a good idea to make sure your teenager knows how to handle encounters with law enforcement before they occur. You should typically explain that it is best to remain composed and treat law enforcement with respect. Additionally, your teenager should only provide information about the car being driven and personal information such as your telephone number and address.

It is important to take possible drug charges seriously because they can have heavy repercussions on your teen. Your teenager may become ineligible for educational grants or lose a position in an extracurricular activity. Some teenagers may also lose their driver's license and in some situations may face imprisonment. Additionally, a drug charge will usually go on your teen's record and can thus carry consequences for several years. More information about helping teens work with the legal system can be found on our webpage.