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How to Not Derail Your Criminal Defense

Whether you are a college student or a mid-career professional in Tennessee, a criminal charge can have a damaging effect on your future. It is normal for you to make mistakes, but when those mistakes result in you facing a criminal charge, you must consider the seriousness of your situation quickly. Out of concern for your legal expenses, you may be thinking about going with a public defender. But with the stakes so high, you may want to consider obtaining representation from a highly experienced private defense attorney.

Whatever you decide, you should avoid making some mistakes that could derail your chances of obtaining a good outcome in your case.

Mum's the word 

Be careful about what you say to anyone, including your family and friends. If you are in detention, remember that there is no right to privacy in jail. The police can listen in on any phone conversations you have. Some inmates may try to use what you say about your situation to their benefit and inform the prosecution. Even the smallest detail can become evidence against you. The only person you should say anything about your situation to is your attorney.

Watch the company you keep 

If you have been released pending the outcome of your case, be careful about the company you keep. You should not associate with anyone affiliated with the circumstances surrounding your case. You never know who is watching. Hanging out with someone who played even the smallest role in the crime you are accused of can have negative consequences.

Stay off social media 

Your social media and online activity could become an issue. There is not much you can do about what you have already posted and shared before the date of your arrest; deleting things does not make them disappear to law enforcement. But you can control everything you share and post from here on out. Try to stay off social media. If you cannot resist the temptation, be mindful of your online activities. Remember, anything you do online is discoverable, may become evident, and it could tarnish your reputation and character. 

Whatever your circumstances, you should never take risks when facing a criminal charge. Understand the seriousness of your situation and how it can affect you for the rest of your life. Consider working with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Doing so could make all the difference in the outcome you obtain.