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Most Common Crimes in Nashville According to 2017 Statistics

Crime is a fascinating subject. It is interesting to learn about the details of criminal offenses, including which are most common and what motivates people to commit illegal acts. 

You may be curious about the statistics of criminal acts in the Nashville area. Thanks to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, we can find out which offenses are most prevalent. Here are some intriguing details about the most common crimes reported by the Nashville Metro Police Department in 2017. 

Drug violations

There were 8,151 cases of drug offenses in 2017. Here are the percentages of different drugs seized by the police:

  • Marijuana - 56.9 percent
  • Narcotics (e.g. heroin, cocaine, opium) - 28.1 percent
  • Stimulants - 3.1 percent
  • Depressants - 2.9 percent

The most frequent type of criminal activity relating to drugs is possession or concealment. 


Fraudulent activity is the most common type of property crime in Nashville. Here is a breakdown of the different kinds of fraud:

  • ATM and credit card - 42 percent
  • False pretenses - 38.8 percent
  • Impersonation - 13.6 percent
  • Wire fraud - 2.6 percent
  • Identity theft - 2.6 percent

Overall, there were 5,138 fraud cases in 2017.

Aggravated assault

This type of unlawful attack must involve a weapon, severe bodily injury or infliction of a deadly disease. The police recorded 5,100 instances of aggravated assault. Here is a look at the type of force or object involved in these assaults:

  • Firearms - 39.9 percent
  • Knives and blunt objects - 30.1 percent
  • Fists, arms, feet, and teeth - 11. percent
  • Motor vehicles - 8.1 percent

The majority of assault victims sustain no injuries. When there are injuries present, most of them are minor. 


There were 4,354 instances of people unlawfully entering a building to steal. Here are the places at which burglaries take place:

  • Residences - 64.5 percent
  • Commercial buildings - 24.3 percent
  • Construction sites - 1.4 percent

According to these statistics, the vast majority of burglaries involve forced entry.

This data helps us understand the criminal activity trends in the local community. Take a look at the TBI website for more information on crimes across the state.

People who have been arrested should remember this important fact: there are defenses to every type of crime. They should speak with a criminal defense lawyer to learn about their legal options.