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Pulled Over? Avoid These 3 Mistakes

Seeing a police car in your rearview mirror is often a frightening experience, even if you were not doing anything wrong at the time. When your emotions run high and you feel you are innocent, you may make some mistakes when interacting with a police officer. 

However, missteps can result in you getting a ticket or criminal charge that you may not have received otherwise. Here are a few crucial mistakes to avoid when the police pull you over. 

1. Trying to talk your way out

If the cop is writing you a ticket or putting you under arrest and you feel it is unjust, you may attempt to explain your way out of the consequences. While this may be your first instinct, you should resist doing so; you may end up saying something that incriminates you. When interacting with police, it is best to remain silent and as compliant as possible. If you truly are the victim of an unjust arrest, you can fight it later with the help of a lawyer. 

2. Resisting arrest

The police officer may ask you to step out of the car and put you in handcuffs during a traffic stop if he or she suspects you of a crime. If this happens and you believe you are innocent, you may try to resist arrest. Never try this because you may face extra charges of resisting arrest or attacking an officer. Your best course of action is fighting in court instead of on the street.

3. Pleading guilty without exploring other options

If you get arrested, avoid the temptation to plead guilty. You may want to do this to get the trial over with or because the cops say it will be better for you. However, you should thoroughly consider your criminal defense options with your attorney. You may be able to win if you fight the charges.

If you have been arrested, remember that there may be one or more defenses to the charge that could result in a positive outcome. Speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.