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I've Been Arrested For DUI. Now What?

If you have been arrested on suspicion of DUI/DWI in Tennessee, do not despair. Even though DUI penalties are nothing to treat lightly, you do not have to automatically plead guilty. There are many defenses to drunk driving or drugged driving charges, and a skilled attorney can help you explore every option.

At the Tennessee law firm of Rob McKinney, Attorney at Law, here is what we recommend you do and what you can expect after your arrest:

1. Contact an experienced Tennessee DUI lawyer who will listen carefully to your story, explain the process in detail and actually craft a defense — not simply plead you guilty. Learn a few reasons to choose Mr. McKinney for your DUI case.

2. Write down exactly what happened before your arrest and during the arrest itself. Save your receipts from any restaurants or bars that you visited that day or night.

3. Attend all court dates. In some Tennessee counties, there is no plea bargain process. In Nashville, however, there is. Unless your case is settled, you can expect a first court date, a preliminary hearing date and a grand jury trial.

In some cases, Mr. McKinney can file a pretrial motion to get the case dismissed before it ever goes to trial. In other cases, he can file motions to suppress evidence if the evidence against you was unlawfully obtained.

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