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Arrested For DUI In Nashville, Franklin, Or Hendersonville, Tennessee?

Once you get out of jail for a DUI charge in Tennessee, there are several things that need to be done as soon as possible to prepare your defense.

Immediately write down all details of the events for the entire day of your arrest and the exact conversations between you and any law enforcement officer after the stop. Some of the most critical details that can help in your eventual defense happen the minutes and hours before your arrest. Critical facts about your food or medication intake or possible exposure to interfering substances such as paint fumes or glue can be extremely important information. Why should you write this information down? The police wrote down everything from their point of view.

Do not omit any details in your account of what happened. When did you get up? How long did you sleep? Write down everything you ate, drank, everywhere you went, and everyone you talked to. Write down all of the details such as your perfume or cologne. Did you finish dinner with a friend right before your arrest? Such information can provide a critical factor for your defense. Write these details down as soon as you can before you forget a detail that might provide a good defense in your case. At least, offer some facts that create a reasonable doubt about the accuracy of the blood or breath test.

We use a detailed questionnaire to gather this information. If you want a copy of our questionnaire, please fill in a request form on the website and we can send it to you via email.

Next, write down everything any law enforcement officer said to you or anything you may have said to them. Try to replay the incident in your mind and write down the exact words. Was there anyone else that may have been present for any of these conversations? Write their names and contact information for your criminal defense attorney. Also, have them write down every detail they recall as soon as possible after the arrest occurs.

As soon as you are released from your DUI arrest you will want to get your car. Please have a close friend or relative photograph the car, plates, brake lights, headlights, and contents of the car. By having a close friend or relative photograph the vehicle, he or she could be used as a witness instead of having you on the witness stand. When you photograph the car, be sure to include pictures of anything that could be used to hold alcohol or non-alcohol. Also, I would suggest taking pictures of any cup holders to show there was no alcoholic beverage, beer cans, or anything of that nature in the car.

You should also get a friend or relative to videotape or photograph the scene of your arrest with your car in the position where you were stopped. This person may need to be a witness later. So, use someone who will be highly credible and will be available if your case goes to trial. If there is any construction or hazardous conditions such as potholes or curb drop-offs that are present along the path your vehicle traveled get pictures of these. It is always important to take the jury members back to the scene and give them images of the case.

These tips also apply to those charged with a DUI in Wilson County, Robertson County, Dickson County, Rutherford County, Sumner County, and Cheatham County.

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