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Three Suggestions for Lawyers

I recently came across a tweet by Davidson County District Attorney General Glenn Funk. It was a video of the swearing-in of a new Assistant District Attorney by Judge Smith who is a criminal court judge here in Nashville, TN. Before the swearing-in, Judge Smith gave three suggestions to the new Assistant District Attorney.

Three Tips for Attorneys

  1. Seek out mentors… Don’t fly blind.
  2. Get involved.
  3. Take care of yourself.

The three suggestions are powerful for all lawyers. First, no lawyer knows all the answers. They just think they do. Build a strong support system to talk about issues. It is important to have people you can talk with about cases and problems you face. Second, one should get involved in a group in the legal community. Judge Smith recommended LAW, which is a fine group. For me, I choose the Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Finally , take care of yourself. This is the most important. Being a lawyer is an extremely stressful job. I know that I didn’t exercise and was overweight. Right now wellness groups are very popular in various bar associations.

I wish Davidson County’s newest Assistant District Attorney the best of luck and a long career!