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No Stone Goes Unturned

In defending criminal cases, I like to use the phrase "leave no stone unturned," especially during the investigation phase of a DUI case. A couple of weeks ago, I went into the office on a Sunday to review a file for a DUI case outside of Nashville. The case was set on Monday, and I just wanted to double-check to make sure no stone went unturned. A successful defense can result from the little things that make a difference in the case.

So, I went through the list:

  1. The arrest warrant demonstrated the probable cause for the traffic stop was valid. There was a legal reason for the traffic stop. There were no grounds to file a motion to suppress.
  2. I reviewed the notes from the arrest video. It wasn’t the best or worst arrest video, but it wasn't near perfect which we would have needed to win at trial.
  3. The blood test was above the legal limit, but we retested it just to make sure.
  4. There were no problems in the search warrant to obtain his blood for testing.

Our office lives up to the phrase "no stone goes unturned." We look for the stone that may be imperfect that in turn makes the DUI case not as perfect. Whether it is the traffic stop, the field sobriety tests, the blood test, or the analysis of the entire case. We search for something we can use at trial or to drive a favorable plea bargain. When you need a group of attorneys to go the extra mile, contact us for help.

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