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Woman Facing DUI Charges After Tennessee Car Accident

Whenever there is a collision between two vehicles on the road, the police and rescue crews may need to respond and render assistance. The police may also find it necessary to arrest and charge one or more parties involved in the accident if the evidence suggests a crime was committed. After a recent car accident in Tennessee, one of the drivers is now facing DUI charges.

The accident occurred on a Friday morning. A 57-year-old driver was awaiting a chance to turn onto another road. As she sat in her car, a Corvette came along and struck the awaiting vehicle. The Corvette was operated by a 49-year-old woman. According to witness reports, the Corvette didn’t slow down before hitting the other vehicle.

The 57-year-old woman needed to be extricated from her vehicle. The Corvette ended up off the road along a tree line. Both women needed medical attention for injuries. The 49-year-old woman was arrested after being released from the hospital. She faces charges of DUI as well as possession, sale and delivery of drugs.

Whenever a person faces DUI charges in Tennessee, the circumstances under which they are arrested can impact the possible penalties they may face. If there are injuries from a car accident resulting from a DUI, the person may face additional charges. It is vital for anyone arrested for DUI to understand his or her rights and how the underlying circumstances of the incident and resulting arrest may impact the case or the level of charges that prosecutors may pursue.

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