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Town Mayoral Candidate and Former Lawman Facing DUI Charges

When police try to pull over an individual and that individual does not comply, that person may face charges related to fleeing or evading. If police do eventually get the driver to comply and believe there are additional crimes involved, they may pursue other charges as well. A recent incident in Tennessee involved a former county sheriff who, according to authorities, would not pull over and now faces DUI charges related to the incident.

The incident took place on a Saturday night as police reportedly tried to the pull over the former sheriff. Police say he took off, and the officer lost track of him. They say he was spotted speeding again, and a chase ensued. The chase reportedly reached speeds that were registered as over 115 mph.

The chase concluded when the man is said to have driven through a cemetery and hit a tombstone. He was arrested and faces a number of charges. The charges include driving under the influence, reckless driving and evading arrest. The mayoral candidate and former lawman posted bond the next morning.

Whenever someone faces DUI charges in Tennessee, there may be an increase in potential consequences if other charges are filed in relation to the incident. In this case, the man is also a school bus driver, and the possibility of losing his driver’s license may impact his employment. Anyone arrested for DUI in Tennessee may benefit by seeking appropriate professional help to protect their legal rights and fight for a result that is in their individual best interests.

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