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Man with Prior Convictions Arrested in Tennessee

Whenever there is a car accident, police may investigate to find out whether or not alcohol played a role in the crash. If a DUI arrest occurs, the person may face serious consequences in a Tennessee criminal court. If there are prior convictions for drunk driving, those consequences can be much more serious.

Recently, there was a car accident on a Sunday morning. The police responding to the scene reportedly smelled alcohol on a man who was driving. Police also said the man had slurred speech and was not steady on his feet. Also, it was reported that there were two open cans of beer in the vehicle.

The man said that a back problem inhibited his ability to do a field sobriety test, and he refused to do the test. The police then discovered that the man had four past DUI convictions. This meant that the man was subject to a mandatory blood draw to test for alcohol. He was charged with a fifth DUI offense, and bond was set for an amount of $51,000.

A DUI charge in Tennessee can lead to loss of a driver's license, high fines and even jail time. With prior convictions on a criminal record, the fines and time without a driver's license increase with a conviction. Losing a license and having high fines to pay can be a strain on anyone and impact a person's ability to work or keep a job. Anyone in Tennessee who has prior convictions and is facing another DUI charge should understand the process and how those prior convictions can impact the possible consequences.

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