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Woman Arrested in Tennessee After Multiple Prior Convictions

The penalties for DUI increase based on the finding of any prior convictions. While having one or two prior convictions for DUI may lead to higher fines and a longer period without a driver's license in Tennessee, one woman has made news primarily for the sheer number of prior drunk driving charges on her record. She has been arrested a total of 17 times for drunk driving offenses.

The latest arrest for the woman came on a Friday night. She was involved in an incident where she had a head-on collision with another vehicle. According to the police, there was an open beer and containers of whiskey in the vehicle at the time.

The reports of the incident indicate paramedics on the scene were not able to draw blood from the woman due to dehydration. She posted $75,000 bond and was able to leave jail. In addition to the arrests for drunk driving, she also has a total of 16 charges related to driving with a revoked driver's license.

In Tennessee, any arrest for drunk driving can have a far-reaching and immediate impact on a person's life, finances and career. The revocation of a driver's license based on prior convictions can make work difficult and impede a person's family and community obligations. While there are set penalties handed down when there is a conviction, having skilled and experienced legal support can help minimize the impact of a DUI in general and perhaps, also, the role any prior convictions may play in a current case or when facing new charges.

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