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Car Accident Involves Repeat DUI Offender

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is always on alert for drivers who may be on the road while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They have done well in being on the lookout for signs that drivers might not be fully in control of their own faculties. Unfortunately, sometimes drunk driving incidents do still occur. This is even more unfortunate when it is a second offense, committed by someone with a previous DUI conviction.

That was reportedly the case in a recent occurrence involving a police pursuit. This time, the incident began as the new year of 2014 did. It ended with a serious car accident.

The pursuit started in the Smyrna area of Rutherford County. The female driver of the car being chased was, police say, going 20 miles over the speed limit. Authorities tried to pull her over, and when that didn't happen, drove after her. The car continued along South Church Street through Murfreesboro.

The driver then took her car, going at the same rate of speed, into the Smyrna area. There, she smashed into another car while on Almaville Road close to McNairy Road. At that point, the Tennessee Highway Patrol moved in.

They found out that the woman was driving with a revoked license. The license had been revoked because of a previous DUI conviction. After being treated at Nashville's Vanderbilt Medical Center, she was charged with another DUI.

Whether a person faces DUI charges for the first time or after facing them before, they will need to put together a strong defense. To accomplish that, it is important to get an attorney with experience in this area. That way, they can explore all their legal options.

Source: WGN Radio, "Police Chase Starts in Murfreesboro and Ends With Driver Wrecking and Being Ejected in Smyrna on New Year's Day" Sgt. Bill Miller THP, Jan. 01, 2014